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Here’s what trip to take depending on what life stage you’re at

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Different strokes for different folks, and different getaways for different days, amirite?

Your ideal Spring Break trip probably isn’t gonna look like your ideal couples retreat, and knowing where to go to get the most out of your trip – based on what stage of life you’re in RN – is one of the key elements to planning a perfect vacation at the perfect time.

Here are some of the best places you can go during certain life phases that’ll help cure whatever wanderlust virus ails you.

For when you’re single and lovin’ life

There’s something so liberating about having no one to answer to but yourself, and being single on vacay is the perfect time to mingle, have a blast, and do whatever the hell you want.

Surrounding yourself with other people around your age is ideal, and it’s amazing who you can meet when you’re just sitting at the bar, wandering a museum or hanging out in your hostel. Be open to new people and new experiences.

In short: Meet people, sleep less

Suggestions: Western Europe, the Mediterranean, Australia, big cities in North America (NYC, California, Toronto etc.)

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For when you’re pre-career and carefree

It may not necessarily feel like it, but this is one of the best times in your life. Bills and responsibilities are looming on the horizon, but in the meantime, while you have all the time in the world, it’s a great idea to take the ultimate bucket list adventure that you were dreaming about during those exams.

Longer trips may be harder to take once you’re in the working world, so make the most of your freedom and get going.

In short: Do all the things

Suggestions: Explore Europe, road trip your heart out on your home continent, or wander aimlessly

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For when your budget is tight

When the struggle is real and the budget is limited, looking at how to stretch your dollars is key. Consider not only flight prices but the cost of accommodation, food and activities in a destination to see where your money will go the furthest. You may be surprised to learn that the places where you can live like a king or queen are already on your bucket list.

In short: Go where your dollar stretches the most

Suggestions: Thailand, Eastern Europe, festivals, or stay local

The big bang theory - what trip to take.

For when you’re ready to get serious about your relationship

Trips often take a different turn once you’re ready to put your relationship to the test and travel with your SO.

In general quality time, a bit of romance, new experiences you can share and fun activities for both of you are the perfect recipe to a successful couple’s trip. Make sure you’re both after the same experience from the very beginning or it could lead to a disastrous trip and possibly even the demise of your fledging love story.

In short: Compromise and play it semi-safe

Suggestions: Western Europe (think places like Italy and Spain for romance, history, culture), the Caribbean (beauty, beaches and cocktails)


For when you deserve some luxury

Now that you’ve got some disposable income to spend after years of ramen and bus passes, you deserve to splurge a little. Boutique hotels, 5 course meals, beach massages, bottle service – sometimes you’ve just gotta live it up. Explore the possibility of visiting the most expensive places and treat yourself to the pricier experiences you’ve been dreaming of.

In short: Treat yo’ self

Suggestions: Switzerland, Bali, Australia, Japan, Hawaii, NYC or spa getaways

A woman in a bikini swimming in a pool of money wonders what trip to take.

For when you’re having a crisis

Sometimes you just need to put some distance in between yourself and your everyday life, and where you should go really depends on the type of person you are. If you like to be alone with your thoughts than a cabin on a lake may be ideal, but if you need some time with your BFFs a beach or winery may be more your speed.

As long as you can reset and work through your thoughts and be away from it all, you can Eat Pray Love pretty much anywhere.

In short: Do you

Suggestions: Greece, Spain, Caribbean, Rockies, Tuscany

A man decides on what trip to take.

For when things are just a little too routine

Adult life can get prey repetitive, and there’s no better way to break that routine than to infuse some culture into it. Swap your breakfast oatmeal for noodles, spend your day in ancient temples rather than your modern apartment and you’ll be surprised how good it feels to do something completely different.

In short: Mix it up with some culture and all the noms

Suggestions: India, Japan, China, Brazil, Egypt, Morocco

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For when you’re in the need of some plain ol’ fashioned fun

Fun on vacation is a given, but if you’re looking for a legendary good time of epic proportions there’s a select few spots to go.

Whether it’s a bachelor/bachelorette party, Spring Break, or just a much-needed time to let loose, it’s SO much more fun to do it abroad.

In short: Stick to the legendary spots

Suggestions: Greek Islands, Thai islands, Ibiza, Las Vegas, New Orleans, Amsterdam


For when you feel like giving back

A volunteer trip can be so many things, and it should absolutely be tailored to your interests. There are countless opportunities to build schools, protect wildlife, teach languages, support local businesses, donate supplies – you name it, you can probably do it abroad.

Choose something that you’re passionate about and a reputable organization and your trip is sure to be worthwhile.

In short: Do what you’re passionate about

Suggestions: Anywhere you want

I'm a volunteer considering what trip to take.

For when you’re in the mood for a legit adventure

Adventure activities aren’t just for fitness junkies or parkour enthusiasts – sometimes we all need a thrill or two. Explore all of the options that are outside of your comfort zone and make you nervous as hell.

In short: Get crazy

Suggestions: Hike the Inca Trail in Peru, check off all the extreme sports in New Zealand, explore Southeast Asia or Africa, or take a ski trip in Japan

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