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Here is everywhere you should travel in May


May is one of our favourite times of year to travel. In the northern hemisphere spring has truly sprung, as the trees shrug off their pink blossoms and vibrant greens begin to reach towards clearer skies, while in the Mediterranean the sun begins to beat down on those dreamy blue waters once again. In the southern hemisphere, autumn alights Oceania and Latin America with golden hues (while doing away with all that unbearable heat).

Looking for a quick getaway? Here are the best places to travel in May.


We’ve missed the sun here in frigid Western Europe, so the return of Portugal’s beautiful weather is very welcome. In the Algarve, the ridiculous amount of gorgeous beaches shine once again but are not overpopulated with summer tourists and large families. Porto and Lisbon’s charms are better appreciated this time of year too, where you can enjoy pleasant weather and delicious food without peak prices and crowds.

porto portugal

American Southwest

This is a great time of year to explore the American Southwest. The west coast takes on a Mediterranean kind of climate making it an ideal time to hit the beaches of Cali. If you’re looking to experience the majesty of the Grand Canyon, the crowds are thinner and temperatures cooler this time of year than at peak season.



Croatia isn’t particularly expensive in summer, but in the spring it’s even cheaper. Plus, the thin crowds, azure waters and the welcome return of a warming sun make travelling to Croatia an easy recommend this time of year. Experiencing the unique baroque beauty of Dubrovnik is something everyone has to do at least once.

dubrovnik sail croatia contiki


If you want the sunny skies and easy charm of Rio but don’t fancy the carnival chaos, May is an ideal time of year to visit. This is also the best time of year to spot wildlife, particularly if you take a safari through the Pantanal wetlands, where birdlife is abundant and caiman and capybaras are easy to spot. May is also a great time to see Iguazu falls under spotless blue skies, with all of the trails around the falls open as well.