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Why travelling could be the very best thing you can do for your relationship

travelling in a relationship

What could possibly be better than being young, wild and free? Oh yeah, being young, wild and free, whilst travelling the world with your soul mate by your side.

People often raise their eyebrows at the thought of travelling in a couple. After all, travel is one of the only times in life you can throw caution to the wind, follow your heart and fall (temporarily) in love over and over again with every golden haired surfer boy or hot Scandi babe that crosses your path. Ain’t no space in the bed for a long term partner or serious relationship.

But think on this for a second – what if travel was actually the very best thing you could do for your relationship. What if travelling with your bf/gf actually turned into the adventure of the century, and the biggest love affair of your whole entire life? Here’s why we’re actually pretty pro travelling couples:

You get to find out what each other are actually like

Unless you’ve lived together for a good couple of years and/or travelled with each other before, you probably don’t know as much about your respective other as you think you do. Do you know how to handle them when they’re grumpy in the morning? Are they a morning shower-er, or a night shower-er? How is their snoring on a level of barely audible to totally unbearable? When you spend 24 hours together, 7 days a week for three weeks, things suddenly start to get reeeeal comfortable. Personal hygiene goes out the window. Bodily functions have no limits. If you can’t handle your SO’s loud chewing and stinky feet, this could be a bad sign for things to come.

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You get to understand how good you each are at compromise

One of you wants to hit the beach, the other wants to go exploring the local market. What do you do? Travelling with a partner is all about compromise, meaning you might not always get to do your first choice activity. If you can come to a solution or even better, sacrifice your morning at the beach WITHOUT bringing it up every 30 minutes for the next two days in a begrudging fashion, you’re on the path to success.

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You get to figure out if it’s worth going the distance

Travelling can be the best thing for your relationship, but it could also be the nail in the coffin. Maybe you’ve booked your trip as a last ditch attempt to reignite the passion, or are feeling kind of uncertain if this person sleeping next to you every night is actually the one for you. Travel will help answer these questions, with either a positive (actually yes, he’s pretty damn cute and I want to make this work) or a negative (get this guy AWAY from me). Either way, affirmation of these feelings can only be a good thing.

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You get to become each other’s best friend

Stop right there with the rolling eyes and vomit signs and hear me out. Everyone knows the key to any good relationship is trust, honesty, and total belief in the other person (and of course, lots and lots of the no pants dance), and these are qualities you look for in a best friend just as much as a partner (except maybe the no pants bit). When your half way around the world and need someone to turn to for good advice or to guide you home after one too many drinks, there’s no one better than a best friend. Just don’t take offence if when you tell people your boyfriend is also your bestie and they laugh in your face – they just don’t get it.

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You get to fall in love all over again

Romantic sunsets. Candlelit dinners. Lazy beach days. Wearing nothing but skimpy swim wear day after day. Oh yeah, you gonna be feeling the luuuurve.

Still don’t believe us? Check out possibly the world’s hottest couple, California babes Alexis Ren and Jay Alvarrez, you have redefined travel couple relationship goals with this beyond wanderlust inducing video:

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