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5 reasons why Norway should be on every travel list

Norway ice girl

Norway, home to some of the most amazing natural phenomenons, magical landscapes and exponentially priced beer – combine all three (okay, maybe just the first two.. and beer, if it’s in your budget!) and you have the ultimate bucket list destination.

I came to this conclusion after spending three weeks in Tromsø, Northern Norway. Here’s 5 reasons why you should visit Norway:

1. You might see the Aurora Borealis (or the Northern Lights)

Perhaps the most obvious, and most incredible natural phenomenon in the world, the Aurora Borealis occurs when electrically charged particles from the sun hurtle towards the Earth and collide with the gases in the atmosphere. The lights are best seen from Northern Norway typically between October and March, but my trip happened to fall in the first three weeks of April.

Nevertheless, being in Tromsø (very far North, and considered one of the best places in the world for seeing the lights) I was not disappointed and was treated to some absolutely incredible displays throughout my trip.

Northern lights red

2. The magical landscapes make for incredible hikes

Calling all outdoor adventurers and landscape photographers, this one is for you (or anyone who just wants to take a selfie with a magical view from a giant mountain, really). Norway is home to some of the most dramatic scenery in the world, with majestic Fjords cutting through the landscape, mountains that seem to climb into outer space, and a giant boulder wedged between two cliffs. The country has no shortage of places to climb, valleys to explore and views to take your breath away!


3. The Midnight Sun phenomenon

Between 12 June – 1 July, the sun literally doesn’t set in the Arctic Circle, creating the midnight sun phenomenon. The further North you travel, the longer the midnight sun period lasts (at Cape Nordkinn, Norway, the midnight sun is visible from mid-May until the end of July!).  Photographers and sunset lovers, I urge you to get yourself to the Arctic Circle at least once in your life! Combine the endless mountain hikes with a sunset that lasts for hours at a time and you have the perfect setting for even more perfect photos (and memories, of course).

4. The wildlife is pretty cool too

Reindeer roaming around your backyard, orcas casually swimming through a Fjord right in front of your eyes, arctic foxes, polar bears – the Arctic wildlife is pretty amazing. This Nordic country is a nature photographer or a nature-lovers dream, which makes this one of the best reasons why you should visit Norway!

Fjords of norway

5. The festivals and parties are amazing

Norway goes through a pretty dark time in winter, when the sun isn’t so visible (especially up North, when it hides for a good month!) so, to beat the winter blues, they hold a whole heap of festivals and parties. From music festivals to art shows and musicals theatre shows, there’s no shortage of things to celebrate and places to party in Norway!

Have got a favourite destination that should be on everyone’s bucket list – or got any insider guides from a recent trip? Share your stories with us here and you could see your work published on six-two…

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