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Why you should travel in your 20’s, as told by Contiki travellers

A man travels in his 20's and snorkels with sting rays.

Because travelling is basically a rite of passage in your twenties.

“I made my first “leap of faith” into solo international travel (with Contiki) at 23 and I truly have #NoRegrets…the whole time I was being told I could “do so much more” than travel with the money, but I saved, and prioritized travel in my daily life. I have visited 34 countries, made lifelong friends and the plans continue. it all started with Contiki and an open mind….” – Alex Aguilera

“I travelled my entire twenties and was able to have a successful career. Travel doesn’t hinder the other, but helps it. Traveling has opened my eyes to so much and has changed me with each trip on the type of goals I have. Millennials, go travel as much as you can in your 20s.” – Rachel Coffman 

“I took my first overseas trip around Europe when I was 22 and I never looked back. I saved for this whilst working minimal hours in a CD store and studying at University. Since then I’ve travelled loads more around the world and was able to buy a house, get married and have a career. I found the best time to travel was my 20s and now in my 30s I still want to continue this. As I’m typing this I’m currently sitting at Changi Airport returning from a trip around Vietnam.” – Nikki Sobcynski 

“What’s the point in having a load of savings and a million dollars when you’re 80 if you haven’t lived your life? I resent the idea that travel is a tool for distraction over learning a trade or building a career. Travel allows you to learn amazing things about loads of different cultures and be educated on the world and its people. There are plenty of people who travel in the 20s around studying and working.” – Lois Benest 

“You should travel ASAP, especially if you have no idea what you want to do. Friendships, experiences, networking, it’s all out there. I’m 37. Although I do travel a bit, I wish I would’ve started sooner. Don’t worry too much about money. There are ways to make it work if you put your mind to it. The world is a giant playground. I suggest you take advantage.” – William Johnson

A confused woman in her 20's stands in a store.

“Been travelling on and off since I was 18, I am now 23, moved out from my parents when I was 20 and continued to make it work, moved to another country, paid my own bills and still I continue to save for travel. About to leave to backpack for 4 months before moving to Canada. You prioritise what you really want in life and still you can save. I don’t have fancy clothes or expensive shit, I cook at home a lot and had the same beat up phone for the last four years. Not everybody wants a big house, children or a job that just pays the bills. I’d be quite happy living in a van or a shack as long as I got to travel. I have family members that are over 70 and still travel all over the world because they realised what really made them happy.” – Kristy Truman

“Travelling has helped so many people become more in touch with their selves, helped deal with depression and anxiety, experienced different cultures and learnt life skills. When we die you can’t take a house with you or a car or any of these possessions but you can die knowing you saw the world and experienced a beautiful thing. Memories that will live through your family and friends. Do what makes you happy, but I’m not ready for the mundane life of a 9 to 5 just yet. Travel on people. Peace.” – Luke Barber

“I turned down an all expenses paid university scholarship for engineering and I went on my first solo 12 month trip when I was 18. I knew engineering wasn’t going to make me happy so I went on an adventure. As it turns out I ended up finding a camera in a lost property basket at a ski resort I worked at in Canada. 10 years later I’ve got an established photography business’ in 3 countries and a whole bunch of talented passionate millennials working alongside me as we travel the globe together. Based in Australia, I’m currently sitting in London on route to Prague.” – Matty Teague 

I’m currently living in Norway wishing I’d travelled solo overseas in my 20’s rather than wait till now being in my 30’s” – Kym Scott 

“I completed one degree at uni, had a gap year and worked and travelled, and have returned to complete my post grad degree. Travelling is super expensive but so worth it to experience in your twenties.” – Bronte Juliette 

What do you think about travelling in your 20’s? Have you got something to add to this conversation? Let us know in the comments below.