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10 weird and wonderful things you need to see on your American road trip

American road trip

The USA is home to some pretty amazing sights and it’s THE perfect destination for your road trip. With big-name monuments, scenic beauty and bustling cities, there’s something to be explored in all 50 states. But if you’re looking for something else to do besides walking along the Golden Gate Bridge and visiting the White House, there are some pretty whacky and memorable things to be seen on the road.

So, if you’re loading up the backseat, filling the glovebox with snacks and pulling out the driveway for the ultimate American road trip, be sure to add these 10 weird sights to your itinerary…


10. Carhenge, Nebraska

If you love history, cars and art, head to Alliance in Nebraska. Here, you’ll find the masterpiece, Carhenge. Created and composed by American artist Jim Reinders, Carhenge is a complete replica of the famous Stone Henge in England. Is it a burial site, a calendar, or just an embodiment of one man’s love for vintage auto mobiles? Regardless, if you’re heading through Nebraska anytime soon, pay a visit!


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9. Field of Dreams, Iowa

What should you do when you’re an ordinary corn farmer in Iowa and you start to hear voices? Build a baseball field of course! The 1989 classic ‘Field of Dreams’ remains a uniquely iconic film still watched by modern audiences. If you’re a fan of Kevin Costner movies or major league baseball, take a detour through Dubuque Country, Iowa, where you can visit the baseball field completely free of charge. Be on the lookout for the ghost of shoeless Joe Jackson who might just wander out from the corn fields for a game…


8. Buddy Holly Memorial, Iowa

3 February, 1959, is better known as the day the music died, when three rock n roll legends Buddy Holly, Ritchie Valens and the Big Bopper passed away in a tragic plane crash. Marked by a giant pair of Holly’s trademark glasses, those on a classic American road trip near Clear Lake, Iowa, can pull over and walk to the crash-site turned memorial and pay tribute to the music legends that died before their time.


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7. Corn Palace, South Dakota

Sure, South Dakota might be better known as the home of national treasure Mount Rushmore, but it’s also where the ‘World’s Only Corn Palace’ lives. The Corn Palace, found in the city of Mitchell, is decorated with artwork and murals made entirely from corn and grains. Each year hosts a new theme. Although it’s visited by over half a million tourists yearly, the palace serves as a multipurpose venue for locals, used for concerts, exhibitions, community events and sports.


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6. The TITANIC Museum, Missouri

Known as unsinkable, the TITANIC has become one of the most infamous tragedies in history. Branson, Missouri, hosts a museum dedicated to the 1912 disaster with over 400 artefacts on display for visitors. On arrival, guests receive the ticket of a real passenger and by the end of their visit, learn the fate of their ticket holder – were they safe on a lifeboat, did they go down with the ship, or like Jack Dawson, were they victim to the perils of the arctic climate?


5. Dole Plantation, Hawaii

Many might think of Hawaii as a place to catch some gnarly waves, relax on the beach or dance around in hula skirts, but the Aloha State of America offers a great road trip itinerary. The Dole Plantation is much more than just your ordinary pineapple farm. Guests can try pineapple cuisine, ride the Pineapple Express train or tackle on of the world’s largest mazes, crafted from more than 14,000 pineapple plants.


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4. Four Corners Monument, Colorado, New Mexico, Arizona, Utah

The Four Corners Monument is the only quadri-point in America where four state corners align. Arizona, Utah, New Mexico and Colorado, connect to form the Four corners Monument, where visitors can place one limb in each state at the same time. Try to factory one into your American road trip for the most iconic shots.


3. Roswell, New Mexico

Just south of the famous runway where extra-terrestrial beings crash their spacecrafts, Roswell is every sci-fi fan’s ultimate road trip destination. Decorated by alien statues and spacecrafts, Roswell is the birthplace of every conspiracy theory that suggests we are not alone in the universe. And since 1994, Roswell has hosted the annual UFO Festival for alien enthusiasts, so if you’re road tripping through New Mexico in mid-July, be sure to stop by.


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2. Boot Hill Cemetery, Arizona

Ever wanted to be just like Clint Eastwood and wander through the streets of a wild west town? Well, head to Tombstone where you can visit the famous Boot Hill Cemetery and pay your respects to some the wests biggest outlaws. See cowboys re-enact a gun fight on Allen Street or take a walk along the shaded boardwalks and visit saloons, city hall and the famous Bird Cage Theatre.


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1. Bubblegum Alley, California

I’ve saved the weirdest for last. Bubblegum Alley is an interactive tribute to America’s favourite chewy treat. Wads of gum line the 20-metre-long wall, with an estimated potential of close to a million contributions made. A tradition started sometime in the 1970’s, visitors can leave their own mark on this strangely bizarre monument in San Luis Obispo, California. Be warned, if you’re not a fan of 40-year-old chewed gum, you’ll probably find this tourist spot slightly disturbing.


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