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Wine Not?! European Wines Straight from the Source

wine and cheese

You don’t need to worship at the altar of the Greek God of Wine Dionysus to know that Europe is a grape-tastic epicenter of delicious reds, whites, and rosés. Release those tannins, swirl, sniff, and sip your way through the wine countries that have put Europe on the map. Wine, don’t mind if we do…

The Wines of Beaujolais – Central France

While France is known for the Pinot Noir from the Burgundy region, a robust red wine that is loved all over the world, you can also sample the famed Beaujolais wine that comes from the Gamay grape. Contiki owns a French chateau, the Chateau de Cruix, right in the heart of Beaujolais country so you can sample the wines on your travels with a bit of crackers, grapes, and delicious French cheeses. This wine will never make you question who, what, wine or when as you’ll be too busy cheering.

Beaujolais Wine

Chianti – the wine of the Tuscany region of Italy

Like Will Ferrell says in “Old School”, this delicious blended wine of Italy’s famed Tuscan wine region will “taste so good when it hits your lips!” Wines labeled “ Classico” come from the largest sub-region of the Chianti area


Rieslings & Whites -The wines of Germany

Images of Germany usually conjure up biergartens and Oktoberfest, but Germany also has a robust wine culture as well, with their most famous wine varietal coming from the Riesling grape. Almost two-thirds of the wine produced in Germany is white wine. So, change it up a bit and replace that stein of beer with your glass of white wine when chowing down that Bavarian pretzel. Or, if you crave a bolder flavor, Germany is also known for the Pinot Noir.

Wine German