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Planning a winter trip? Here’s our winter packing list, with the absolute essentials for the cold season

woman in winter clothing

You’ve heard the old adage “bundle up!” when you think about traveling through the winter months. Whether you plan on frolicking in the snow or you’re hitting the slopes for skiing or snowboarding, we already know that you’ve got your beanie, scarves, and gloves. You lose the most heat from your head and your feet, so keeping them covered is important!

Here is our winter packing list, full of items that will keep you toasty warm & protect you during these chilly winter months.


Often times, we translate winter as being so cold that we forget that the sun is shining overhead – and we can still get sunburned all the same.  You’re covered from head to toe, but that doesn’t mean that the sun can’t do damage on areas like your face – especially since the cold can dry out your skin, and the sun is reflecting harmful UV rays off the bright snow.  Pack a sunscreen of at least SPF 30 that protects from UVA and UVB rays.

Hand and Toe Warming Packets

As an absolute essential for your winter packing list, you’re gonna need to keep your hands and toes from turning into popsicles.  These hand and toe warmers can be easily tucked into your shoes or your gloves in order to ensure that you keep your body temperature above the freezing point.  They lie flat in your pack and one can usually last several hours, so you can make friends and share the warmth!

“Micro” sized items

I don’t know about you, but I always carry around a giant umbrella with me in the car in case of rain.  However, that’s not particularly practical when it comes to traveling.  What to do? Discover micro-sized items that fit squarely in your luggage.  Check out items such as the micro umbrella, micro tote, or anorak pak and see how you can pack some useful items without taking up much space.  The micro-tote stuff sack fits into the palm of your hand!  In case of emergency, like heavy rain or snow, you can whisk out these items to hold anything that can’t stand getting wet, or keep yourself from getting stranded out in the cold.

Your Base Layers (Socks/Shirts): Cotton = Cold, Wool = Warm

Before you go throwing out all your cotton socks, this is more of a suggestion.  When wet, cotton tends to cling to your body, making you even colder than already feel.  Wool naturally absorbs and wicks away moisture, keeping your body warmer.  So if you’ve got your eye on that ratty old t-shirt and regular running socks to use as base layers, reconsider and go with wool products for your winter packing list.

Lip Balm

I can’t stress enough how important lip balm is.  Whether you’re a fan of Burt’s Bees, Chapstick, softlips, or Blistex, everyone (guys and girls both!) should have lip balm in their arsenal.  Much like sunscreen is for your skin, lip balm protects you from windchapped lips – I know from personal experience that chapped lips are quite painful!  Licking your lips incessantly actually dries out your lips, so keep them protected and grab yourself a lip balm that can fit neatly in your pocket.

Bring these items with you to protect your body and keep your things from getting soaked!  Stay warm everyone!