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The best places to spot London’s wisteria blooms before they disappear


Wisteria hysteria has hit London! As springtime hits the city, the stunning purple wisteria blossoms come out in full bloom and locals and tourists alike go crazy for them. It’s little surprise that everyone wants to snap a photo of (or with) this gorgeous display in London’s prettiest season and, spoiler alert, the best wisteria spots are in Kensington, Chelsea and Notting Hill, but below we’ve broken it down to the exact locations so they’ll be a little easier to find.

And, as always people, remember to only take photos, not destroy the flowers and be respectful of the people who live in these magical streets. Trespassing laws are real.

Kynance Mews | South Kensington

Kynance Mews is one of the most famous spots in London for spotting wisteria blooms. The contrast between the flowering purple and brick walls, plus the quiet road, make it ideal for avid photographers.

Sumner Place | South Kensington

Another wisteria haven located in South Kensington, there are plenty of white row houses that have the weeping vines trailing balconies and columns.

Elm Place | Kensington & Chelsea

Located between Kensington and Chelsea, Elm Street is a picturesque street that is photogenic on a good day, and even better in spring.

Bedford Gardens | Kensington

Also in Kensington, this street has a lot of stately homes with trailing vines going right up to the roof.

Gordon Place | Kensington

This Kensington tree-lined street has gorgeous Victorian terraces and a cul-de-sac which makes for an awesome backdrop. Don’t trust us, head here to see it for yourself.

Holland Park | Kensington

A stone’s throw from some of the other locations on this list, Holland Park is probably the least intrusive (most are surrounding people’s homes after all!) as it’s, well, a park. The 22-hectare space has many beautiful gardens and there are plenty of wisteria trees to see.

Ensor Mews | Kensington & Chelsea

On the cusp of Kensington and Chelsea (are you sensing a theme here?), Ensor Mews is a wonderland for wisteria vines, where entire sides of buildings are covered in purple blossoms.

St. Leonard’s Terrace | Chelsea

In this street in Chelsea, few houses set back from the street, which means the wisteria has had the chance to weep over fences and gates. And if the photo below proves anything, it’s that your photos will only be improved by bringing a prop, like a bike.

Cheyne Walk | Chelsea

Right by the Thames in Chelsea, some of the homes on Cheyne Walk even have light purple doors to match and it’s the sweetest thing we’ve ever seen.

Notting Hill

Already a photogenic neighbourhood in itself, it’s even better in springtime! Be prepared for some crowds, but also know that they’re absolutely worth battling.