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The world’s best treehouses and where to find them


Of all the places to spend a night, a tree is up there as one of the coolest options. Your inner child combines with those Avatar-esque daydreams, and the idea of waking up to the birds chirping and the wind blowing creates all the tingles.

You may not have a perfect treehouse tree in your yard or the carpentry skills to make your own re-tree-t (see what we did there?), but treehouses are becoming hot property these days, with the likes of Air BnB giving you the chance to sleep in one for real. We’ve rounded up 8 of our faves to explore during your travels…

Treehouse Point – Fall City, Washington, USA

A treehouse rental is a hot commodity nowadays, but thankfully this stop has 6 beauties to choose from – each with their own unique character. From the Temple of the Blue Moon with its own rope bridge, to the tall and bright Trillium treehouse, they’re all super cool, super rentable, and just outside of Seattle.

Treehouse Point

The Redwoods Treehouse – Wackworth, New Zealand

The Redwoods isn’t designed for sleeping, but it’s an event venue that’ll do more than wow your guests. It’s got a neat pod-shaped structure and it’s built around a few gorgeous redwood trees with an elevated walkway.

Originally designed as a marketing campaign, it’s now one of the best venues in all of New Zealand. Now this is a destination wedding that we could get into…

Redwoods Treehouse

Katie and Peter’s Intown Treehouse – Atlanta, Georgia, USA

If you’re looking for a real treehouse retreat that’s also in the city, this one is hard to beat. The three separate treehouse rooms (living room, bedroom and deck) are all adjoined by bridges, with adorable lighting and the cutest décor. Oh, and it’s also available for rent on Airbnb. (Checking flights to ATL ASAP)

Katie and Peter's Intown Treehouse

The Mirrorcube – Harads, Sweden

If a discreet retreat is your forte, the Mirrorcube is the perfect option. Covered entirely by mirrors on the outside, it’s nearly invisible and blends in so well with the surroundings. It’s not too far from the airport, it’s perfect for two people and is available to rent starting at 4000 Swedish Kronor including breakfast.

A photo of a tree in a forest surrounded by treehouses.

Finca Bellavista – Southern Zone, Costa Rica

Just when you thought a treehouse stay couldn’t get any more discreet, we introduce you to the Finca Bellavista. All we know is that it’s somewhere near Piedras Blancas National Park, and it’s a treehouse community with a ton of lodging options, and you can actually live there as well if you decide you’d rather not go home.

They’ve got awesome community activities and are off-the-grid, with pedestrian trails that immerse you right into jungle life.

Finca Bellavista

The Bird’s Nest – Harads, Sweden

In the same area as The Mirrorcube, The Bird’s Nest is supposed to be just that – a huge bird’s nest fit for a family of humans. Starting from 4000 Swedish Kronor including breakfast as well, with three beds and completely covered in branches, it has a modern interior with a rustic exterior, so it’s the perfect combo for the city-country lover.

Birds Nest Treehouse

Minister’s Treehouse – Crossvile, Tennessee, USA

The rest of the treehouses on this list have been super-cute so far, but the Minister’s Treehouse is more like a treemansion. With 80 rooms, 5 levels and 7 oak trees supporting this monstrosity, there is enough porch space and southern hospitality to fit a whole village of treehouse enthusiasts.

The Enchanted Forest – Revelstoke, British Columbia, Canada

OK, so this option may be a bit more kitschy than the others, but it’s super accessible and there aren’t many theme parks in the forest, so it has its own charms. It’s a bit creepy if you’re visiting as an adult and stumbling upon all of the hidden characters in the woods, but the 50 foot tall treehouse is admittedly pretty cool, and it’s worth a visit if you’re in the area.

Enchanted Forest