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You are what you eat: what your favourite food says about you

A group of people sitting around a table enjoying their favorite food.

Who knows where the “you are what you eat” saying came from, but besides the health implications it stresses, is there more to it perhaps? Food is SO important to people and it’s likely because it’s linked to our identities. Much like our clothes, the food we eat is our way of showing the world who we are (and giving our tummies yummy noms).

Without further ado, here are some ~very scientific~ facts about what your favourite food says about you…

Poke Bowl

You’re all about the fitspo and you love the outdoors. You are also fresh to death, but it takes you a while to get to your pinnacle of greatness because you’re also extremely indecisive and find it hard to just settle on one thing. You have a looooong to do list.


You’re pretty cheesy but everyone likes you so it’s forgiven. You’re into video games, late nights and movie marathons. You can be quite traditional in your thinking (and tastes) but you’re no square. Many would say you’re iconic, but you’re too humble to agree.


You’re a spicy one aren’t you! You don’t mind things being a bit messy, and that doesn’t just include your bedroom, it also includes your love life. You can handle the drama though because you’re adaptable. You also aren’t here for summer and prefer cold weather.

Meat Pie

You’re super down to earth (and probably Australian). You come across as low-key and maybe sometimes even shy, but you’re warm on the inside. You’re always on the go and LOVE getting a good bargain.


Dayummm you fancy AF! You smell good, look good, and probably are too good for most people. But you’ve got layers, and you’re not just about appearances. You’re cultured, worldly and wise.



You’re happy and generous. You love a chat, have a big group of friends (or should we say groups you social butterfly!) and you’re very good at sharing the love. Everyone needs a dumpling in their lives.


You can come across as a bit flat, but everything’s good on the inside, it’s just who you are. Family is very important to you. Sometimes you can be hard to understand, but there’s more to you than meets the eye, and once people give you a chance, they’re hooked.


You have a rough exterior with a heart of gold. You’re a classic that’s loved by all (despite your sometimes sharp tongue). You love beer and are very good at comforting people.


You’re sweeter than anything. In fact, so sweet you sugar coat everything and are sometimes positive to a detriment. You’re the cheerleader of your group, easy on the eyes, but a little holier than thou.


Vivid imagination is your middle name(s)! Creative and smooth, you’re popular with the ladies alright. You’re an old soul who is best after a glass of wine. You’ll only get better with age.


Look, you can be a bit polarising. People either love you or hate you, and you know that. You’re more of an introvert anyway and prefer to stick to your traditional guns. You’re definitely a morning person, otherwise you get a bit impatient.

Fried Chicken

You’re always the first on the dance floor. You’re pleasure seeking, hedonistic and cheeky. You’re just living life large! While hard to hold onto sometimes, you have a good sense of humour and never make enemies.


For you, life is about flexibility. You can be very indulgent, but also know when it’s time to cut back. You’re timeless, yet good for all ages. You cater for many diverse tastes. The only downside? You may be a bit nuts…


You’re here for a good time not a long time, so you make the most of every little thing. You travel in a pack, are a child at heart and many would describe you as ‘fun size’. You can be a bit possessive though, because you know the best times go by too quick.

Garlic Bread

A bit basic sure, but you will go down in history. You don’t play well with others yet you’re SO popular, which can lead to you being a bit selfish. You’re hard for people to stay away from though, so just own your powerful allure.

Ice Cream

You. Are. Stone. Cold. You may seem sweet but there’s no denying how freakin’ cold you are. You’re better paired with someone though because you’re a bit of a mess unless you’re held up by someone else.

Anything not on this list

You’re picky, hard to please, never satisfied and insatiable. Also you’re obviously a massive foodie and have tried many great foods.