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10 tips for boosting your self-esteem ahead of a summer on the beach

Summer time can be pretty sweet – sunny skies, golden skin, crashing waves and that feeling of freedom. But with any summer spent on the beach comes the dreaded fear of THE BEACH BODY.

But what actually is a ‘beach body’ and how do we achieve one? Well, having a ‘beach body’ is easy – you simply take your body to the beach. However, the term ‘beach body’ has been tarnished with unrealistic expectations, unhealthy low-carb diets and that self-pressure to suddenly transform your body into Bella Hadid.

Now I’m going to break it to you – it won’t happen. You’re not Bella Hadid, neither am I, and if we were we’d be slaying the catwalks of Milan or London, not sitting here writing or reading this. But just because we haven’t been #blessed like the sporn of every celebrity, doesn’t mean we can’t be body confident when it comes to enjoying a summer on the beach.



Mind Over Matter  

Do you look back at yourself 2, 3, 4, 5, 10 years ago and think ‘damn, I looked great’? I bet you do, but I also bet you didn’t think you looked so great at the time? It’s likely you actually think ‘I wish I could have embraced my body at the time and been happier in my skin’. So be happy in the moment, think about that sense of perspective and what this summer on the beach is really all about – the incredible memories you’ll look back at, not the little bit of cellulite on your left thigh.

Don’t Compare

Every woman is a different shape and size so it’s completely pointless to sit there comparing yourself to the girl who can eat what she wants and still stays a size 6, the women who have curves in all the ‘right’ places or the Insta stars that consume your feeds. We don’t have daily personal trainers, dieticians and airbrushing so embrace your body for what it is – a beautiful vehicle that carries you through life.

Your imperfections are what make you perfect

Those dimples on your back, chubby cheeks or top-heavy body shape may seem like the worst things ever to you, but these are what make you, you. It’s our imperfections that make up who we are, and what ultimately make us perfect in our own unique ways.


Make a List of Positive Things

There are always things we dislike about our bodies, but there are also a load of parts we actually like. Embrace and focus on the positives by writing a list of your best features and attributes, be it eyes, hair or a caring heart. Constantly remind yourself of these positives and quit worrying about the rest.


Look after your body

It’s not all about physical appearance, we’re designed for much more than that so it’s important to look after your body for the right reasons, all year round. Drink plenty of water, eat the right foods, keep active. It’s amazing how feeling good on the inside will make you feel on the outside.

Pamper Yourself

And on this note, there’s nothing wrong with some self-pampering to make you feel great on the inside too. Be it a long bubble bath, a massage or a manicure – whatever works for you! Having some ‘you’ time really does do wonders to how you feel on the inside.

Beat the bloat

Make sure you eat the right foods to ensure you’re feeling your best. This means avoiding things like fizzy drinks, or foods you know don’t agree with you. Instead, ensure you have enough fibre in your diet, not to mention things like vegetables, fruits, whole grains and seeds.

Get your pre-tan game on

No, we don’t mean bake yourself in the sun 24-hours a day. But a little pre-tan game really can help you feel a whole lot more confident when you hit the beach. Opt for a tinted moisturiser or spray tan to give you that pre-holiday glow, whilst also improving the appearance of cellulite.



This one is pretty straight forward. Feeling comfortable in your body is great, but there’s really nothing that beats a good smile. Smiling not only helps you look your best and is pretty infectious, it actually makes you feel good too by releasing endorphins that make you feel happy on the inside. Winning!

Wear what works for you

There’s no point in getting carried away with the most current beach wear fashion trends if it doesn’t suit your body shape. Instead wear what makes you feel most comfortable – don’t feel obliged to follow the triangle bikini trend if you’re bigger boobed and need some extra support. Wearing the right clothes which fit and flatter you will do a hell of a lot for how you look at your body and how you feel.

Accept a Compliment

If someone compliments you on how great you’re looking, embrace it. There’s no need to reply in a negative way, instead own it and accept the love!

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