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Is it possible to chase the party across the globe this NYE? Well technically yes…

For some of us, New Year’s Eve is everything. We’ll pull out all of the stops to ensure we’re at the best NYE party we can find, so if you’re amongst those NYE enthusiasts, we’re here to pique your interest.

NYE is great, but it’s short-lived, so wouldn’t having more than one NYE a year be even better? And with modern travel, time zones and technology, this should be possible, right? Well, we looked into it so that you don’t have to, and here are all of the ways to maximize your NYE party potential:


Option 1: Blow the budget and do it big

If money is no object, you can theoretically maximize your December 31 and do it up in any place you like, with the help of a private jet.

Estimates for this are about $5,000 per hour, but you will get the whole plane, which should fit between 4-14 people, so splitting the cost with as many spontaneous friends as you can convince will help offset the fee. You’re looking at the low potential price of $357 per person, per hour.

Once your jet is secured, you can theoretically fly to and fro, between countries and time zones at your leisure, but in reality, it’s not even close to that easy.

Technically, there are 39 different local times around the world, so travelling from +14 in Samoa to -12 in the US, you can go back in time to ring in 39 different New Years. BUT, since the fastest private jet flies at a speed of about 970 km/h, you need to find airports in two different time zones that are all less than 970 km apart. Spoiler alert, this top speed rules out a lot of those trips, so unless you’re teleporting, it’s not feasible.

If you CAN make it work a few times in the day, here are a few destinations under 970km apart to try hopping from:

  • Hong Kong → Hanoi, Vietnam
  • Istanbul, Turkey → Bucharest, Romania → Budapest, Hungary
  • Seoul, South Korea → Shanghai, China
  • Toronto, Canada → Chicago, USA
  • Fiji →Vanuatu
  • Oral, Kazakhstan → Samara, Russia
  • Panama City, Panama → San Jose, Costa Rica
  • Tripoli, Libya → Malta
  • Santo Domingo, the Dominican Republic → Port-au-Prince, Haiti

But, keep in mind that just because you have a private jet, doesn’t mean that you can take off and land when and where you want all over the world. There are still airport schedules, ID verifications, flight clearances and a bunch of other factors that dictate where you can fly and when.

You may be ringing in the New Year at the airport, but when you’re paying $5,000 an hour, it’s probably better to make your own party with your private jet buds anyways.


Option 2: Ring in Multiple New Years

If you want to see 12am in more than one place without the help of a private jet, you need to get a bit crafty and be open to visiting some places that aren’t necessarily on the top of your to-see list. They may not be major cities, but you can spend the night in two different countries and two different time zones and ring in NYE twice, by renting a car and driving across to border towns in places like:

  • Lithuania and Belarus
  • Portugal and Spain
  • Peru and Bolivia
  • Thailand and Malaysia
  • Norway and Finland
  • Angola and Namibia
  • Poland and Russia
  • Mexico and Belize
  • Indonesia and Brunei

Option 3: Attend a bunch of parties

If you don’t need to be there for the actual countdown and the lead-up/ aftermath is enough for you, it’s a bit easier to attend more than one NYE party in one night.

There’s always a big lead-up to the countdown, and once the clock strikes midnight, most parties continue into the night, so as long as you utilize the time zones to your advantage, and get strategic with your locations, you can be the life of the party in at least a few different cities on NYE. Here are a couple of options:

Montreal → Ottawa → Toronto → New York

One time zone, two countries, one train, one-hour flights or less and four parties in four huge cities

Starting the night off in Montreal is as close as you’ll get to Europe for this NYE adventure, and it’s a pretty epic option. Spend December 31st in Montreal until your train to Ottawa at 3 pm. Canada’s capital city of Ottawa is holding its own Hogmanay party on NYE, so you can hit up those festivities until 7 pm when you head out to Toronto.

Once you get to Toronto around 8 pm you will have time to head downtown to join in on the festivities in Canada’s biggest city, including a concert and huge skating party. Leave Toronto at 9:40 pm and get to New York for 11:10 pm and head to the most famous New Years festivities in the world in Times Square.

LA → Vegas

Big and glamourous, USA style

Spend NYE in Los Angeles and then depart around 9:30 pm. Arrive in Vegas before 11 and head downtown to ring in the New Year and party until sunrise.

Paris → Amsterdam → London

The Western European trifecta

The NYE party in Paris is an all-day affair, so you can pack in a lot before your 6:40 pm flight to Amsterdam. The time zones work in your favour as you can leave Amsterdam at 10 pm and get to London at 10 pm with an hour flight. Then, head downtown and enjoy the countdown with a pint.


Option 4: Get international

The truly easiest way to celebrate multiple New Years is to embrace the traditions of the world and celebrate along with the different cultures and religions and their corresponding calendars, where NYE does not fall on December 31. Here are some of the awesome global New Year celebrations you can take part in around the world:

  • Chinese New Year (Lunar): Mid January to Mid February
  • Jewish New Year (Rosh Hashanah): September
  • Thai New Year (Songkran): April
  • Islamic New Year (Hijiri): September
  • Ethiopian New Year (Enkutatash): September
  • Orthodox New Year: January 14
  • Tibetan New Year (Losar): January to March
  • Iranian New Year (Nowruz): March 20 or 21

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