SAY CHEESE: London’s Shutting Down An Entire Street For A Fromage Festival

This article originally appeared on PEDESTRIAN. TV and was scribed by travel-thirsty editor Lucinda Price.

Throw that Bega Stringer in the bin and get on the next flight to Heathrow, folks, ’cause London‘s about to transform into the fromage capital of the world for a hot minute.

For two upcoming, consecutive Sundays (September 24 and October 1), London’s N1 Cheese Street Festival will be taking over an entire street in the Borough of Islington.

That’s right, the famous Chapel Market Street will be devoid of any cars or thoroughfare all in the name of glorious, glorious cheese. Like a street party, only more deliciously pungent.


cheese gif

Islington boasts a rich and creamy history in the dairy industry. A whopping 170 farms used to occupy the area in the olden days. The town is now paying homage to its roots by partnering with the London Farmers Market to create the ultimate cheddar-lover’s paradise. You’ll be bleun away.

There will be “R ‘n’ Brie” live music (we see what you did there), tastings and samples. The first 50 visitors will get a complimentary bottle of Black Cow‘s Pure Milk Vodka and personally, I’m vomiting at that.

The street will be lined with vendors all honouring the various and spectacular forms cheese takes on in our lives. There will be melted cheese, grilled cheese, cheese ladled over pasta, five-cheese macaroni, cheese on cheese on cheese.

What’s that I hear you whispering, voice quivering with hot, dairy-based anticipation? What, will there be raclette? Well of course there will be raclette, what kind of a half-arsed cheese festival do you think this is?!

London-based street food vendors Raclette Brothers will be there, serving up their Instagram-famous cheese-draped garlic potatoes with prosciutto and pickles.

There will also be cheese board-building lessons and five-minute fondue classes on offer. Best of all, the vendors are all regional or London locals, making this one deeply English experience.

You can attend the street-stopping festival for free, but demos and tastings range from a donation to AUD$23.

Someone call God and tell him to get down here because heaven is about to become a place on earth.