1 – Our Community Creator and Writer Overview
Q: What’s the idea between six-two’s Community Creators?

A: ​This is a space for anyone and everyone who has a travel story to tell. Created for travellers, dreamers, writers, photographers and videographers, this is the chance to share your work, try your hand at something new, and use your talents to potentially win free travel with Contiki.

Q: How does it work?

A:​ Before submitting your article you’ll need to create an account, then once your account details have been sent via email, head to​ to log in. This will take you to the community hub, where you’ll be able to submit your article for review to the six-two editorial team.

Q: How will I know if my work is getting published?

A:​ If your article has been successful, you’ll receive an email from us letting you know that your post will be going live within the next few days.

If we think your article is strong but could do with a little work to make it even better before publishing, a member of the six-two team will be in touch via the ‘chat’ function within the community hub, to let you know of ways to improve your piece.

If you don’t hear from us, unfortunately it means that your article has not been successful. However, please do not let this put you off – our advice would be to have a thorough read of the content on six-two, particularly stories from fellow contributors, so you have a thorough understanding of what content works, and the tone of voice we write in.

Q: How long does it normally take to know if my works been published?

A:​ We aim to get back to you within 2 weeks, however due to the volume of submissions we receive (and to ensure we give each submission our full undivided love and attention), sometimes it may take a little longer.

Q: Where will my work be published?

A:​ As well as being published on six-two, your work will also be shared on ​Contiki’s Facebook page​ for all of our social community to read and share.

Q: Can I share my article on my own channels?

A:​ Of course! And in fact, we absolutely encourage you to do so, as sharing your article will increase your chances of winning the grand prize.

There are a few different ways to share your article. We recommend:

  • Sharing your article from the Contiki Facebook page, onto your own
  • Sharing your article on WhatsApp with your friends & groups. You can do this directly from the article on six-two, just hit the WhatsApp icon
  • Post the article link on your Instagram bio, and share a post encouraging you audience to read it
  • Join one of Contiki’s Facebook community groups and share the article into the group. If you’re a past Contiki traveler, hit up ​this group​, everyone else hit up our ​Contiki Travel Community​ group
  • Tell your friends, family, neighbours, colleagues, and get them to join you on your quest for free travel…
Q: What’s in it for me?

A:​ Put simply, an opportunity. Successful creators will see their content published on six-two, giving you access to a global audience of travel-hungry readers. It’s not only a pretty incredible way to share your travel story and inspire others, it’s also a great opportunity to build your editorial portfolio, and you can even link to your profile page on job applications, CVs etc.

But that’s not even the best bit. Getting your work published on six-two means that you’ll go into the running to win travel with Contiki – more on that below…

2 – The Grand Prize
Q: What do I win?

A:​ The community winner will win a trip with Contiki Holidays of up to 14 days in length, anywhere they want in the world, plus flights to get them to their destination of choice. Not bad, eh!

Q: How is the winner chosen?

A:​ Every 3 months we select a winner based on the best performing piece of community content from the previous three months. Winners are drawn in March, June, September and December.

When we look at performance, we analyse how well the article performed on Contiki’s Facebook page, and we look at how well it performed on six-two itself, analysing how many page views the article has received. So, if you want your article to win, you need to help generate those page views by sharing the article as suggested above!

Q: Are there any restrictions?

A:​ The main restriction is age – to travel on Contiki you must be aged between 18-35, and the same rule applies to the grand prize. Previous winners are also not eligible to win again, but are very welcome (and encouraged) to continue writing for the community program.

3 – Other Community Incentives
Q: What other incentives are there for submitting content?

A:​ While we’re not able to pay community contributors for submissions, we do offer other incentives to make your writing, and your time, worthwhile. We currently work closely with a network of content creators who regularly submit articles, and would encourage anyone to consider writing regularly for six-two. In return, here’s what you’ll get:

–  10 pieces of content published on six-two = a surprise gift

–  20 pieces of content published = a local travel experience

–  30 pieces of content published = the six-two golden ticket, and wouldn’t you like to know what that means (we’ll tell you if you hit 30…)

4 – Content Guidelines
Q: What type of content are we looking for?

A:​ Original, diverse, unique, inspiring, informative and engaging content is what six-two is all about. We’re looking for stories that will capture the imagination, local guides that will inform and surprise, travel tips and hacks we might never have heard of, and personal accounts and experiences that inspire others to do something they never thought possible. We like lists, we love videos, we’re all about well crafted storytelling and we’ll never say no to a photo essay.

These are just a few examples of the kind of content we love:

Q: Are there any particular topics you’d like me to write about?

A:​ Any articles personal to you and your travels are perfect, but there are a few themes that work particularly well on six-two:

  • Local travel guides/Insider guides: This could be a guide to your local area, or a destination you know like the back of your hand. Think unique, interesting and super cool, otherwise we’ve probably read it all before.
  • Food: We LOVE food. Brunch, lunch, local treats, cocktail spots, awesome restaurants and diverse cuisines, give us ALL the food inspo.
  • Mental health: We all have it, and alot of us struggle with us. Anxiety, depression, phobias – how do you deal with it when you travel?
  • Body confidence: six-two is all about celebrating people. Have you been on a body confidence journey? Have you learnt to love yourself? We want to hear it.
  • Relationships: Whether sibling, best friend, parents, love interest, we all have ‘em, and we know how much travel can impact a relationship.
  • LGBT travel: Whether travel tips, advice, personal stories or Pride recommendations, we want the intel.
  • Travel hacks: Can you pack for a two-week holiday in just a carry on? Did you budget like a ninja for your three-month Europe adventure? Are there certain travel items you just can’t do without? Sharing’s caring.
  • Sustainability: One of our biggest passions, so extra cudos for any mother earth content you send our way.
Q: What is the six-two tone of voice?

A:​ Even though it’s your own content, we still aim to have a consistent tone of voice across all six-two content. We want you to have authority in whatever you’re talking about, be it a personal experience or tips on how to travel safe, remembering you’re the travel guru here! Feel free to keep it fun and cheeky if you’re talking about something light-hearted; we’re all about a bit of dry humour, but no cheese please! Just remember who you’re speaking too – our audience are a forward-thinking, intelligent and original lot. They want to be informed, engaged and inspired.

Q: Are there any do’s & don’ts?

A:​ You bettcha…

The Dos:

  • Make your piece as personal, informative and original as possible
  • Familiarise yourself with our content to ensure you’re submitting an original and refreshing piece which offers us a new angle or perspective that we haven’t heard before
  • Give your piece a clear title which tells the reader what your article is about
  • Try and keep your piece close to between 600 – 1000 words
  • Include high-res images which are relevant to the article and your travels
  • Link in your own blog if you have one

The Don’ts:

  • Promote other brands or travel experiences, as we can’t feature that content
  • Include names or detailed information about other people
  • Submit work that has been directly taken from your own or another platform; we like to feature new and fresh content
  • Write a piece that is too politically driven, negative or explicit
  • Contact us regarding sponsored posts – we don’t accept them
Q: What are the guidelines around imagery?

A:​ As follows:

  • Always submit images with your piece, as they will spice up your story and make it more engaging
  • Try to ensure your pictures are as high resolution as possible
  • Make sure your images are your own, do not source them from other websites
  • Images should ideally be 1440 x 810px for landscape, and 810 x 1215px for portrait. If your images are not that size, bigger rather than smaller is best