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Doppelgängers, ice-cold waterfall showers and more on Red Bull Can You make It?

Have you been keeping up with all the Red Bull Can You Make It? fun on Red Bull TV? As the teams enter Day 6 of the epic 7 day adventure, here are some of our highlights so far…

Top 5 best trades

  • The ‘Red, White and Bull’ team who traded their Red Bull for entry to a wedding.
  • ‘The Cros’ team who traded 19 Red Bull’s for one killer $* hotel and sauna stay.
  • Team ‘USU’ who used their beguiling charm to have a go at indoor surfing.
  • Team ‘Hustle’ who traded 2 cans of Red Bull for quarter final champions league football tickets.
  • Team ‘USU’ (these guys are killing it!) who again called on their killer charm to score a free ride in a private plane!

(see the trades in full at Red Bull TV)

Top 5 shower spots

  • Team ‘21st Century Cavemen’ who took an ice-cold dip in Munich’s Isar river.
  • Team ‘SBIKS’ who cooled off (or not so much) in a freezing Austrian waterfall.
  • Team ‘Thegyp’ who stripped down to their undies to get clean under a very public looking water feature in Bayonne, France.
  • Team ‘The Flying Dutchies’ who similarly scrubbed away the dirt in an equally public fountain in the town of Ronco Scrivia, Italy.
  • Team ‘Fortune Cookies’ who braved all underneath an icy cold Austrian waterfall. And if those screams are anything to go by, it sounds hella cold.

(see the shower highlights in full at Red Bull TV)

Want to catch even more of the madness? Tune in to Red Bull TV, and watch highlights from days 4 & 5 above and below. With only 1 day left until the epic 7 day adventure ends, we’re betting the teams are about to pull out all the stops…

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