Just in case you wanted to drink whiskey out of bone marrow in New York, you can

If you’re a vegetarian you’re going to want to look away for this one, because a New York restaurant is now serving up whiskey shots straight out of the marrow from animal bones. Quirky? Definitely. Delicious? You be the judge…

New York’s food scene is out of this world, so it’s no surprise that when you open a bar or restaurant there you’re looking for something to set you apart from the competition.

So it looks like the appropriately named Cannibal Beer & Butcher have found their niche with bone marrow whiskey shots. The bone marrow is roasted in the oven, scraped out and served over your meal, then comes the shot of whiskey that the server pours through the bone into your waiting mouth. The fat from the marrow is said to enhance the flavours in the whiskey. Check it out in action below…

Besides their trademark shots, The Cannibal also serves endless dishes for meat lovers. From whole pigs served in the middle of your table (bring friends for that one unless you’re REALLY hungry) to bone marrow, cured meats and handmade sausages, it’s certainly a joint that lives up to its name. It’s worth mentioning that the restaurant has received some criticism for its choice of name and indulgent meat dishes, however obviously not everyone hates it since they remain favourites on the menu.

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Now I am not a vegetarian (although I did a brief stint as a vegan which was really eye opening), but I don’t know if I could get behind this. Obviously it’s the shock factor that’s making people flock there to try it, but not even the world’s best gimmick could make me take my whiskey like that. My heritage is Scottish and my forefathers wouldn’t stand for it. You tell me though, hit or miss?

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