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Fat Girls Travelling celebrates body positivity in the best possible way

Instagram is a hot bed of unrealistic expectations.

Scroll after scroll of ‘perfect’ people, ‘enviable’ bikini bodies and ‘flawless’ skin. Are these people just #blessed, or are they actually (unknowingly) making us all hate ourselves just that little bit more?

I mean, who hasn’t looked at a blonde haired beauty in a barely there bikini casually sipping a Spritz to the backdrop of a Santorini sunset and just thought, ‘fuck my life’? I know I have.

And this is where Fat Girls Travelling really stands out from the crowd.


To say we were excited when we came across the ‘Fat Girls Travelling’ Instagram, Facebook and merchandise pages would be a massive underestimation. This is the Instagram account throwing shade at anyone who thinks travel is all about being a size 8, by celebrating body positivity in the best possible way. Fat Girls Travelling re-defines what a ‘beach babe’ and ‘bikini bod’ really is, by showing real women doing their thing, and looking beautiful whilst doing it.

So, who are these ‘Fat girls Travelling’ and how did this feel good, original, realistic account come to life?  

Introducing Annette Richmond, the creator and moderator of Fat Girls Travelling. Annette has created the Instagram and Facebook accounts in the hope that she can alter the social media stereotype of the cliché female traveller. And Annette sure is making waves in her efforts to be the voice of plus size female travellers. In an interview with Huffington Post, Annette discusses her motives behind the account …


"My goal with creating Fat Girls Traveling was to build a safe and inclusive community, as well as help take the stigma out of the word fat,' Richmond posted on her blog, 'Fat does not mean ugly. Fat does not mean lazy. Fat does not mean unhealthy."

Yup, the account sure does help tackle the issues and stigma that can sometimes be a deterrent to women taking that trip of a lifetime. The content is as Pinterest worthy as ever, with all the expected travel feels and destinations you’d get from any other travel insta account, yet this time you’re looking at real life globetrotters. Projecting a body positive image and shattering the stereotype, Fat Girls Travelling is a powerful message to women fat, thin, strong or curvy. Whatever shape, size, colour, age, these travel snaps prove we can all slay a bikini.


Monday Slay || ? FGT Member @auaulynn ?Finest Playa Mujeres, Cancun, Mexico

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? FGT Member @thecurvyedit || ?San Juan, Puerto Rico

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FGT Creator @fromannettewithlove at @thecurvycon. Look provided by @lanebryant. ?

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? @somewhere_under_the_rainbow || ? New York City, New York

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