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Your quick fire guide to Touro, New Orleans

Touro is almost a small city all by itself. With a strong community mindset, you won’t go five metres without getting a friendly nod from a passerby. Historical yet contemporary, this hub in the middle of Uptown New Orleans is a melting pot of food, art and music.

How do I get there?

Jump on the Streetcar and hop off at Magazine Street.

What’s the vibe?

Progressive and friendly, Touro has a texture that’s hard to capture with words. The best way is to see it, but we’ll paint you a picture. Think: sharp jazz bars existing alongside a thriving Jewish community, mixed with a splash of European elegance. 

Who hangs out here?

Young professionals and older generations in equal measure who all share a belief in the local spirit.

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What are the locals eating?

Oysters at Casamento’s, AKA, the “best” oysters in New Orleans with a healthy dose of Godfather vibes.

Where can I grab a coffee?

Try the vanilla latte at Hey! Café & Coffee Roastery, a cozy and quaint hole in the wall.

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What does my cocktail look like?

Anything with spiced rum. Check out the dive bar The Mayfair Lounge for good vibes and cheap tipples.

This is the place.

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How do I spend an afternoon?

Flipping through the vinyl at Peaches Records and cruising around the local galleries before heading to a cocktail class at one of the many stellar bars in the area. 

What’s my ultimate must do?

See the Jazz Fest Shabbat at Touro Synagogue. It’s only once a year, but if you’re there to witness the mix of Jewish faith and Blues soul, you will never forget it as long as you live.

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Should I plan an evening here?

A bar crawl down Magazine St, will keep you entertained until the early hours. Make sure you stop at New Orleans’ cheapest, 24-hour dive bar, The Club Ms Mae’s.


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