Real Talk

I’m single, and I think travel is actually the love of my life

Raise your hand if you’re single. Now raise your other hand if you also travel alot. Now raise another body part of your choosing if you have a sneaky suspicion that the two things might be linked. You people who are currently doing an intense version of the Hokey Pokey, you’re who I’m talking to when I say travel is probably the love of your life.

Excuses, excuses

I’ve noticed that I get asked by concerned friends, family and the occasional stranger why I’m single and I always feel the judgement of having an excuse like ‘Oh I love to travel’ ready. Travelling can sometimes make it hard to hold down a steady relationship. You’re always the one who is ‘gone’ or ‘going’ and people don’t always vibe that.

Now a disclaimer here: I’m not saying by ANY means that we should all aspire to have a partner. I don’t 80% of the time and some people don’t 100% of the time, but I do think most of us dream of falling in love and meeting something akin to a soul mate. My soul mate just so happens to be travel though, and the older I get the more I refuse to be ashamed or feel selfish about pursuing a life of adventure over meeting ‘The One’. Travel is happiness, and meeting new people and seeing sunsets that take your breath away… well I think that’s truly special.


Travel as your #1 is rewarding

Having travel as your true love is a blessing and one of the most rewarding relationships you’ll ever have. It literally gives you the world! Travel won’t leave you for someone with better hair, travel won’t ghost you and the fond memories of your travels will keep you warm at night. While a boyfriend or girlfriend can bring you flowers, travel can bring you an entire lavender field in the South of France. I’ve dated people and I feel qualified to say I’ve gotten more back from my travels. Harsh? Maybe that’s why I’m single!

Embracing travel as your life partner is the chance to run your own race and do things your way. You get to decide where you go, what you eat and what you experience every time you set sail (or jet set or drive off). Travel can help shape who you are, and even make you a better person. Getting amongst other cultures and learning a new way of doing things is a fulfilling way to spend your life.



Find balance

Before my mum reads this and yells at me for having my head in the clouds, I do realise all things need to be in moderation. Sadly, very few people get to travel 24/7 and this means you need to find balance in your love of travel. Just like a relationship, there will be give and take and that will probably show up in the form of working long hours to save for your next trip, waiting in line at the airport and having to miss out on some of your friend’s birthday parties. Anyone who has been in a relationship knows that you can’t let it take over every element of your life, so while you might want to grow old with travel, try and leave a little bit of room for other things (like family, health and your career).


Still not convinced?

Now if you feel what I’m saying but are sort of still like “Argh sorry Danielle, but I would like you to marry someone cool one day” then I have some good news: your perfect person is probably out there travelling too! If travel is your deepest passion it only makes sense that the right one for you feels the same, and the only reason you haven’t met them yet is because they’re on a flight to Japan while you’re sipping margaritas in Mexico! The only way to cross paths with them really is to keep travelling… 😉