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Switzerland is home to the worlds slowest express train, and it’s epic

Looking for a new way to experience Switzerland's spectacular scenery? The glacier express has got you covered.

Dubbed the ‘world’s slowest express train’, Switzerland’s Glacier Express offers travellers an amazing way to immerse yourself in the country’s stunning vistas, from the comfort of a warm train carriage. 

First created in 1930, the Glacier Express links Switzerland’s most famous ski resorts, Zermatt and St Moritz, over an 8-hour train ride. Covering 150 miles of the Swiss Alps, passengers will experience the very best of the alpine scenery from the trains panoramic windows, passing lush farmlands, picturesque mountains, flowing rivers and quaint villages. 

The journey highlight will no doubt be the awe-inspiring 15,000-foot high jagged-edge peak of the Matterhorn, followed by the meadows and streams of the Matter Valley. The Glacier Express also makes its route through the highest vineyards in Europe, as well as the Rhine Gorge – aka the ‘Swiss Grand Canyon’. 

The best part? The train will go slow enough that you can take all the pictures your intrepid heart desires without a chance of them coming out blurry.

The Glacier Express isn’t just a way to experience Switzerland’s spectacular nature, it also showcases some of the nations quintessential architecture. From traditional timbered homes found in Goms to the many windows of the Engadine farmhouses, there’s truly no better way to get the full-on Swiss experience. 

Okay, we know – 8 hours seems like quite a long journey, but worry not: the train is fully decked out with a delicious menu, and a bar/cafe with all the snacks you need to ensure you’ll want for nothing on this epic journey. After all, nothing makes a view better than when you’re sipping a warming hot chocolate as well. 


Since the 80’s, the train has operated year-round, meaning passengers can experience the best of Switzerland’s nature no matter the season. Travel in the summer, and you’ll be treated with blossoming flowers and vibrant greenery. In the autumn, the shades of reds and browns will be all kinds of nature-porn, and the glistening white Swiss snowscapes will all but blow your socks off in the winter.

No matter when you’re headed to Switzerland, you’ll want to block out a day for this amazing experience. What are you waiting for?

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