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Sydney’s Getting It’s Very Own 125-Metre Zipline Through The City

Fancy seeing a birds eye view of the city of Sydney? So do we! For the very first time, Australia's most well-known city (but not capital, thanks Canberra) will be getting a 125-metre long, 75-metre high ride through the sky.

People often complain about the Sydney commute, but now you can bypass it all on your own zipline! Just kidding, the zipline is happening thanks to the AMP Foundation and will be a once-off, reserved for those who raise $5000 or more for one of the 15 amazing non-profit charities.

The AMP Foundation Big Zipper will see those who fundraise enough dollarydoo’s jettingĀ from skyscraper to skyscraper over the one and only Circular Quay on October 20 and 21 . The unforgettable view of the Opera House and Sydney Harbour Bridge from above, the good dose of adrenaline PLUS the added benefit of giving to those in need is enough to convince us to sign up!

Check out how to get involved here.

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