I still don’t get it – what are you looking for?

We’re looking to create a community of travel content creators who want to share their experiences and shape our story of how travel makes better people. If you have a story, and a knack for storytelling, we want to hear it! We’re looking for an original story, one you haven’t published elsewhere, about your travel experiences – this could be an emotional story about how the experience impacted you, it could be something of practical value you want to share with the six-two readers as they plan their adventures, or it could be something fun that covers a time you jumped out of your comfort zone. Whatever the case, we want your story. So don’t submit something generic that could have been written by anyone, make sure it’s injected with your personality and your own experience.

Here are a couple of great examples…

Will my content be published on six-two?

Once submitted, members of our editorial team will sort through and review each piece of content. If your content hits the spot (see above) someone will be in touch to chat about it in a little more detail with you. After we have everything we need, we’ll find a spot in our publishing schedule and it will go LIVE! Feel free to share to your hearts delight (we will too!).

I submitted something but haven’t heard anything yet – what’s up with that?

We are a small but nimble team, and with the volume of content we receive we’re unfortunately not in a position to respond to applicants that are unsuccessful. Don’t get down! If you haven’t heard from us in 4-6 months from submitting content it probably means that that piece was unsuccessful, but that doesn’t mean you can’t take another shot. Just make sure you’ve had a read through our advice above, some of the content we’ve published, and have another crack.

If I’m published, will I get compensated? What’s in it for me?

If you’re looking to get cold hard cash, no. You’ve come to the wrong place. But that doesn’t mean that Community Contributors won’t be rewarded. For a start, if you’re an aspiring creator you’ll be part of a movement that includes some all-stars – these will be your peers. Your content will be on a high-reaching site, supported by Contiki’s sizeable social channels and email database to raise your individual profile.

Most importantly, you’ll be in the pool to earn travel – I mean, this is what we’re all after right? Every three months, the team here review each of the pieces of content published by a Community Contributor in the previous quarter. We’ll then select the best, most engaging, most outstanding piece of content that we love, our readers love and our social audiences vibe with. The author of the piece will then get to go on a Contiki trip of their choice (with flights included!)* and will be assigned a content mission to complete on their travels. The content from that mission will then be crafted onto another story and be published on six-two.

Who know’s, you might find yourself moving through the ranks and becoming one of our Featured Contributors, receiving regular content missions around the world.

*T&Cs apply

My content is in a language other than English, can I still submit it?

Our audience is overwhelmingly English-speaking and as a result our site is only set up for content in English, therefore at this moment in time we’re unfortunately unable to accept applications in languages other than English. We’re hoping to change that, so watch this space!

I represent a brand and I’m keen to be involved, can we become a contributor?

We do work with brand partners on six-two and as part of The Travel Project, however this is not part of our Community Contributor program. Please do not submit through our online application, however feel free to Contact Us.

If I submit content, will I forfeit my rights to it? Will you own it now?

No way. The content you submit into our Community Contributor program is yours. However when you submit it, you’re giving us permission to publish it on our website and use it in our marketing activity. You’ll always have the opportunity to have it removed if you’d like to, and in that case you won’t see it on six-two or on Contiki’s social channels.

If I sign up to the newsletter, am I going to get sales messages?

Hell no! We get it, sometimes you just want a nice story in your inbox to read on your commute. You don’t want to be spammed with offer after offer after offer (although, Contiki’s emails are pretty awesome… and you never know what sale might be around the corner!). Rest assured, signing up to the six-two newsletter means six-two ONLY. Sign up here, you know you want to.