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Hey there traveller. We know you want to see the world. We can see the fire in your eyes when you think about all the waters you haven't sailed, the views you haven't seen and all the authentic Italian Gelato you haven't had a chance to indulge in. You've spent months daydreaming about your travels and envisioning all the experiences you could have. Guess what? Travelling the world is well within your grasp. Here at Contiki, we believe that life’s greatest lessons are learned through travel. That real life doesn’t happen when you colour inside the lines. It’s only when you break free, trust your impulse, and intentionally live with your eyes wide open, that you become the person you’re meant to be.

That’s why our tailor-made packages that span over 8 diverse travel styles make us the best people to kick off your round the world tour. With 300 trips spanning 6 continents, you could see yourself being immersed in the sensory delights of the Moroccan Soukhs, following the Inca trail as you hike up Machu Picchu or partying underneath the glistening lights of the Eiffel tower. Want to see it all? You can easily connect our trips to form an epic round the world adventure. No matter if it’s backpacking, camping or sailing, the world is truly your oyster with Contiki. But don’t just take our word for it, check out our trip testimonials if you don’t believe us…

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