Here’s Why you Should Travel to Central America in 2016

Whether you're an adrenaline junkie looking to canyoneer down waterfalls, a beach bum that wants to snorkel the beautiful waters of Belize, or a coffee or chocolate lover looking for the ultimate fix, Central America travel has everything to satisfy your wanderlust in 2016. Discover the 10 reasons you should ink these destinations into your travel plans...

It's a Mecca for Chocoholics

For a true bean-to-bar experience, look no further than Costa Rica, where you can discover where chocolate really comes from. You’ll get to taste raw cacao beans before they are processed with sugar into what you know as chocolate.

chocolate central america

It has the best backdrops for FOMO-inducing selfies

That’s right, we said it.  Evoke FOMO in your friends and snap those stunning selfies. Central America has it all – mind boggling architecture (both ancient and modern), amazing coastlines, and scenery that will make trying to fit your face and the backdrop into one shot without a selfie stick one hell of a challenge.

guatemala backdrop central america travel

The wildlife is totally on point

Whether you fancy a glance at a blue-footed boobie, want to snorkel alongside sharks, or fancy befriending a cuddly sloths a la Kristen Bell, Central America is the place to visit if you want to see numerous wildlife in their natural habitat.

blue-footed boobie central america travel

And the coffee ain't all that bad

If you’re spending most of your life wanting to live in a coffee lover’s paradise, Central America is the region that you must visit. Producing arguably some of the world’s best coffee beans, the climate in Central America makes it the perfect place to nurture and create your perfect cup of Joe.  Coffee isn’t just an export, it’s a way of life, so if you’re looking for your caffeination destination – you’ve hit the jackpot.


costa rican coffee

It's got the Hollywood touch - Star Wars: A New Hope was filmed here

Guatemala‘s Tikal National Forest served as the backdrop for Yavin 4 in the original Star Wars film, and with the new Star Wars film premiering at the end of 2015, why not take your Star Wars cred up a notch and traipse through the same jungle as the Rebel Alliance?

Tikal Guatemala

Sunsets with Volcano Backdrops as standard

You can watch the sunset anywhere in the world, but how often can you say you watched the sun set next to a volcano?

volcano sunset central america

You'll discover that Paradise Actually does Exist

Belize is known for beautiful stretches of beach and stunning sunsets.  If you’re a beach bum looking to get away from it all, you better “Belize” that Central America is your go-to spot.

The underwater world of Belize is out of this world beautiful

If the stunning coastline of Belize isn’t enough to get you off your derriere to Central America, then the exotic underwater world sure will. Explore the Belize Barrier Reef, where you can see such natural wonders as Brain Coral, or put your bravery to the test by diving the legendary Great Blue Hole.

Underwater photo of brain coral, tube coral and trunk fish taken in the Great Blue Hole in Belize
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It ranks a firm 10 on the adrenalin scale

You can tick off zip-lining, whitewater rafting, even canyoneering down waterfalls off your bucket list in Central America – Costa Rica is home to all three of these adventure activities. Looks like 2016 will be the year you conquer your fears…

Zipline Costa Rica

You've never been before

This last reason should be the most obvious – why should it be on your bucket list?  Because you’ve never been!  And isn’t the New Year a perfect time to explore?  So what are you waiting for? Stop dreaming and start doing…