6 Halloween Makeup Tutorials to bring your All Hallows Eve A Game

It’s that time of year again – Halloween! No matter what you’re age, Halloween, just like Christmas, seems to bring about those feelings of excitement and mischief we thought angry adolescence had gotten rid of forever.

If you’re going out this Saturday the 31st, chances are you’re dressing up, and we all know the golden rule of dress up – go hard or go home. No one likes a half arsed Harry Potter or some comedy outfit that seemed funny at the time, but makes you look a bit of a dick when everyone else has gone full effort.

So how do you bring you’re A Game? With some killer face painting effort, that’s how. Thank God for YouTube for proving the goods on this one…

The Sexy Cat

A Halloween staple, the sexy cat is always a good back-up option when you don’t want to terrify people and have your eye on some guy you plan on hooking up with. This tutorial from BeautyByGabbie takes the regular coloured nose and whiskers one step further, ensuring you look absolutely puurfect (sorry, it had to be done):

The Mexican Sugar Skull

A firm favourite, the Mexican Sugar Skull is an alternative nod to the Mexican ‘Day of the Dead’ celebration. Best dressed up with a red floral head band and some sort of black lace outfit, scary skulls have never looked so beautiful thanks to LOLO Love’s tutorial:

The Unzipped Face

A Plus for effort if you go for this one, and AA Plus for Halloween dedication. You’ll probably have people running for the hills when they see you, but you’ll without doubt have the best outfit at the party thanks to Camilla Frederikke’s tutorial:

The Seductive Vampire

We LOVE this vampy look from RoadTrip favourite Chloe Morello. Vampire’s for Halloween will never get old, especially when you add in a sultry eye a boob enhancing bustier:

The Russian Doll

If you’re looking to go anti Halloween, take a look at Ingrid Nilsen’s doll tutorial. Cute as a button, you’ll be the girls the boys come running to when they’re terrified of old zip face two points up…

The Half Skull

Half terrifying, half beautiful, this half skull tutorial from Roxxasaurus is the best of both worlds and is actually pretty simple to do: