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15 epic foreign horror movies to get you in the Halloween mood

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Horror movies are some people’s faves all year round, but even the biggest scaredy-cats amongst us seem to be down for a fright or two during October. But do you ever feel like, with minor exceptions, recent horror movies just aren’t as good as they used to be?

Our horror hack: broaden your horizons and explore the wonders of the genre outside of Hollywood. Turns out there are so many amazing horror films out there and thanks to the glorious internet, they’re just waiting to be explored.

Celebrate spooky szn with these epic foreign films from the creepiest minds around the globe…

Batoru Rowaiaru/ Battle Royale (2000) – Japan

Take The Hunger Games, remove the adorable love triangle and ramp up the gore and violence by 1,000 and you’ve got this twisted dystopian story of 42 students forced to fight to the death, that is thought to have inspired the famous Katniss-lead franchise.


Let the Right One In (2008) – Sweden

Who doesn’t love a good vampire flick? This young love story is like My Girl meets Twilight, but darker. And it’s a definite must-see for fans of the genre.


Shutter (2004) – Thailand

We love a good photo thriller, and this Thai wonder doesn’t disappoint. It’s bloody, jumpy, suspenseful and features a great ghost; it’s everything we want out of a good horror flick.


The Orphanage (2007) – Spain

Yeah, because moving your family into your old childhood home/former orphanage is always a good idea… This Spanish horror classic is ideal if you’re as freaked out by child ghosts as we are. This movie is not only scary, but it’s also actually just a really good film as well.


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Ju-On: The Grudge (2002) – Japan

Quite possibly one of the most infamous Asian horror films of all time, Ju-On has been spoofed by western films and even spawned an American remake, but the original is one of our absolute favourite horror films from any country.

The Loved Ones (2009) – Australia

Take a bit of Swimfan, combine a dash of Carrie and a load of Get Out, then set it Down Under, and you’ve got this twisted, teen love story of torture and gore. Scary and captivating, it’s a great one to add to your Halloween list.


The Wailing (2016) – South Korea

When a stranger moves into town, villagers start dying and sickness starts spreading. A mysterious, creepy story unfolds that’s sure to please both horror fans and cinematography enthusiasts.


Baskin (2015) – Turkey

In Baskin, a group of cops find themselves way over their heads in an abandoned building. Not for the squeamish, this is one of the most graphic horror movies there is, with a plot that is beyond creepy and will leave you disturbed for weeks on end. Ideal.


I Saw the Devil (2010) – South Korea

As far as revenge movies go, this South Korean work of art is the perfect graphic thriller, with epic similarities to western classics like The Equalizer and Taken.

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Under the Shadow (2016) – Jordan/ Qatar

If The Happening had been executed well, it might look a little something like this. Under the Shadow combines fictional horror with the horrors of war, and is one of the best tense ghost thrillers you can find.


REC (2007) – Spain

A gem in the found-footage category, this story of a mysterious spreading disease is absolutely nightmare-worthy.


Eerie (2018) – Philippines

This creepy-school thriller brings together all of the jumps, scares and classic-horror film tropes. But the suspense is only increased by the Southeast Asian catholic culture.


Raw (2016) – France

Creepy, gross and with a killer soundtrack, this French film is not exactly vegetarian-friendly but definitely brings the fright.


A Tale of Two Sisters (2003) – South Korea

These just might be the creepiest sisters since the Shining twins, and this twisty, beautifully-shot horror film is one intense scare after another.


I Remember You (2017) – Iceland

Who knew the stunning sites of Iceland could be so creepy? This story about a haunted town is super-twisty, and not too heavy on the horror elements for the milder, spooky film fans.


Have a movie to add to the list? Tell us about it in the comments!

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