Want to eat in locals homes without being a weirdo? Eatwith is the answer

Craving some authentic cuisine on your travels? Nothing beats traditional cooking when you’re visiting a new country, but how do you guarantee you’re going to get that? Restaurants can be very misleading (especially when they’re in a hot tourist spot), but fear not, we have the answer to your problem. Welcome to the world of Eatwith...

Before you start saying “hell no, I’m not that creepy”, hold up and listen to what we’ve got planned.

Eatwith is a whole new dining experience we’re offering on our Independent Insider and In-Depth Explorer trips and it’s not only delicious, but a great way to connect with locals.

Eatwith is available in over 110 countries (we’re hooking you guys up with it in Europe only, for now) and they’re not just total randoms who are like “yeah I was making nachos anyway, pop ‘round”. They’re all properly vetted and legitimately can cook. They’re singles, couples and families who really love cooking and WANT you to eat dinner with them! Think of it as Air BnB for food.

Imagine traditional Portuguese food (entrée, main and dessert plz) served in someone’s home in the centre of Lisbon, or Parisian cuisine made by locals who know where to get the freshest in-season ingredients and can tell you the best gems in their neighbourhood. It’s the perfect way to meet people from the area you’re in and get to know a bit about them and the city.

Pro tip: most Eatwith experiences are B.Y.O so they’re great for a cheap night out!

Seriously, what are you waiting for?! Get eating and take your passion for food to the next level on our Independent Insider and In-Depth Explorer trips!

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