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12 relationships you’ll find on a Contiki trip

Travel is an experience best shared, and a Contiki trip provides the perfect people to make your trip as epic as possible.

You may have one, or you may have all 12, but guaranteed, you’re gonna leave a Contiki with some epic relationships, whether you start out solo or not.

Here are 12 kinds of amazing bonds you’re sure to experience or see on your Contiki trip:

1) The instant bestie

You lock eyes in that Kickstart Meeting and you know they’re gonna be your partner in crime.

2) The trip parent

It may happen on day one or the last day, but there will be someone who looks out for you, takes you back to the hotel or lends you something you lost, and they will forever become your Contiki elder and saviour.

3) The Contiki crush

You spend the whole trip trying to play it cool. In reality, you’re secretly in love and waiting for them to ask you to move back to their country with them – even though they have no idea how you feel.


4) The present and future bae

They’re the one, and regardless of where they live, you two are going to be together after this Contiki – no questions asked.

5) The complete and perfect opposites

You have no idea how it happened, but two people who couldn’t appear more different come together to become inseparable.


6) The last-minute lovers

There’s a lot of love, sadness AND happiness going around on the last night as a group, and sometimes that brings people together very unexpectedly.

7) The misunderstood

Have they been on the trip with you this whole time?! Were they hiding in the coach bathroom for two weeks? You’re just realizing they’re amazing, the trip is almost over and you’re devastated it took you so long to find each other.

8) The love-hate

They annoy the heck out of you, will never stop talking when you’re trying to nap on the coach, but for some reason you can’t stay mad at them.


9) The trip husband/ wife

You adore each other but let’s be real, it’s not going to last past this trip, and that’s ok. It was fun while it lasted.

10) The inseparable squad

You don’t want to cave in and have a squad name, or walk around super-cliquey like The Plastics, but you’ve never had a bond like this and refuse to go anywhere without each other.


11) The fast and furious

You don’t know if it was something in the water or if something strange came over you in Paris, but the romantic feelings have come and gone and you’re on to other things.

12) The roommate soulmate

You don’t know how the Contiki gods did it, but they paired you with a version of yourself from another country and it’s a bestie slumber party every night.


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