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15 Things To Do In Ireland once you’ve covered the basics

Ireland, the land of saints and scholars, has a lot to offer travellers from a hearty Irish stew, to sheer cliffs and ancient castles perched on green hills, and back again to a tasty pint of Guinness. But once you’ve ticked off all the classic Irish pastimes and sights, what’s next? Here are 15 things to do in Ireland you're less likely to read about in the guide books…

Check out Dún Aonghasa on the Aran Islands

The prehistoric hillfort is pretty imposing and impressive. The circular walls look great from on high, but also magnificent explored on foot.

Sample Jameson Whisky in Cork

Who does whisky better, Scotland or Ireland? It’s best for you to decide yourself and sample Ireland’s perhaps most famous batch, Jameson. The factory gives tours and tastings so it’s a no brainer really.

Deep dive into the Titanic Museum

A homage to the ill-fated vessel where many Irish people died is found in Belfast and is the biggest and most extensive museum dedicated to the sad event in the world.

things to do in ireland - titanic museum

Climb to the top of Grianan of Aileach

The Iron Age hilltop near Londonderry (AKA Derry) not only has great views, but is also a great example of religious and feudal life in times gone by.


Try Tayto crisps

Tayto crisps, or chips if you’re an Aussie, are an Irish snack staple. Like Scotland has it’s Iron Bru, munching on some Tayto chips (sometimes on a white bread sandwich) is a must.

Visit the oldest library in Ireland

The Trinity College Library dates back to 1592 and it’s famous ‘Long Room’ has 200,000 books and manuscripts alone.

things to do in ireland - visit library

Watch the sunset off the Cliffs of Moher

You’re likely to take a walk along the treacherous cliffs anyway, but take it a step further (not literally) and find a spot to watch the uninterrupted sunset from.

Get beautiful with seaweed

Ireland has a lot of coastline after all so it’s hardly a surprise they have a lot of seaweed and that they’ve been using it in beauty remedies for yonks. From the Voya Seaweed Baths in Strandhill to shops selling weedy shampoo, it’ll leave you smoother than a selkie.


Go kayaking in Cork

There are plenty of places to take a kayak out in Ireland, but Cork is a popular spot AND some places offer nighttime kayak adventures.

things to do in ireland - friends in garden

Ride a horse along the beach

Darryl Braithwaite knew what was going on, horse riding on a beach no matter the weather is a wonderful jaunt and Ireland has plenty of spots to enjoy it. We promise it’s even fun in the rain!

Take a Burren selfie

The eerie landscape near the Cliffs of Moher is at times both alien and beautiful. When the wildflowers are in bloom it’s every Instagrammers dream.

Attend a festival in Galway

Any festival, it doesn’t matter which, and with one on almost every weekend in Summer they’re kind of hard to miss. Enjoy the quirky sights and upbeat atmosphere, and of course, excellent street food!


things to do in ireland - friends in dublin

Check out some Viking artefacts

Hiding under modern Ireland is a rich history with many tall Viking tales. Although maybe they’re not that tall at all when you see all the ancient relics left over from the raiding hey day. You can find museums showing off the old school wares everywhere, but Dublin probably has the most treasures.

Watch a Hurling match

A very unique experience and a very unique Irish sport, Hurling is the fastest ball game in the world and if you can score tickets to a match while you’re there, you won’t be disappointed.

Join in a Doolin music session

In Doolin, many pubs encourage punters to bring their own instruments or lend their voices to performances. Don’t worry about knowing the words either, you can always clap along!

things to do in ireland - pub in ireland

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