Real Talk

3 New Year’s Resolutions That Are Actually Worth Sticking To

New Year’s resolutions get a bad wrap. Some people say they’re a waste of time, or that you shouldn’t wait for a new year to hit goals. But we’re here to tell you that resolutions aren’t daggy, in fact they can be the catalyst for you to seriously make a positive change in your life. And they say the best way to keep a resolution is to tell someone about it so you’re accountable for your plan… So we’re telling you now that these are the three resolutions we’ll be sticking to!

1. Be more conscious

Being aware of the world both around and inside of you is what it means to be conscious. You can smash this goal in 2018 in a few ways. You can focus on sustainability and look at ways to reduce the waste you produce every week. Maybe you only buy local produce next year? Maybe you commit to master recycling? Being more environmentally friendly gets you a big high five from Mother Earth.

You can also be more conscious by looking after and prioritising your mental health. Schedule in monthly ‘me time’, practice meditation and gratitude, or help others with their mental health and call one friend a week to see how they’re doing. A good starting point (especially for all you resolution haters out there) could be reflecting on other goals you’ve had and not met in the past. Why didn’t you get there? What stopped you then? What’s stopping you know? Find what makes you tick and we promise you’ll not only be happier, but kicking goals like Ronaldo in no time.


2. Live with purpose

All you really have to do to smash this resolution is to get out there! It’s not a ‘new year, new me’ vibe at all, it’s more about living with intention, being brave in your decision making, and saying ~adios~ to the bad stuff (or people) in your life.

How do you start living with purpose though? Simple! Write down a list of what good looks like in your life. This might be having a cup of tea in bed on the weekend, finally hiking that trail near your house, or starting a new Instagram dedicated to your photography. If you get really stuck keeping this resolution or you feel like you’re in a rut, just do something that surprises yourself. You’ll find so many new paths to tread!



3. Celebrate yourself

If there’s one thing you need to start doing in 2018 it’s backing yourself 100%. Love yourself, embrace yourself and celebrate the things that make you YOU. We all have things we wish we could change, but instead of thinking ‘I wish I was X size’, reframe it so you give your body a big cuddle for what it is. Self-love isn’t just body confidence of course, practice ALL the self-love by wining and dining yourself, buying flowers just because, and perhaps most important, learning to say no to things that drain you.

Celebrating yourself can look however you want, but we vote you make it feel more like a goal by rewarding yourself! Got a promotion at work? Helped a friend when they were down? THAT IS ALL YOU! Treat yo self for being freakin’ amazing by taking yourself for an Aperol Spritz, dancing a little shimmy or telling someone about how good you feel because you are who you are.




The best thing about these three goals is that they’re not measurable (i.e. I need to lose 5kgs!), they don’t need to be done in a strict timeline (fact: you can celebrate yourself anytime, anywhere), or hard to do since you don’t require any equipment to do them. In fact, all they’re really trying to achieve is to make you a healthier, happier and more worldly boss ass person. Why wouldn’t you stick to them?

Even if you don’t quite reach your goals, you’re still winning. The Japanese have a philosophy called ‘kaizen’ that directly translates as “change for better”, and it relies on improving a process (or yourself!) bit by bit until you get it right. We say any small change or attempt is you making a conscious change and that’s worth a tick in the resolution box!