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15 adventure activities in Thailand that you’ll remember forever

A boat docked in Thailand.

A little bit (or a lot) of Thailand adventure is definitely what we need in 2017. Your idea of adventure may be different depending on what you’re comfortable with, but whether it’s soft adventure or hard-core, Thailand is the place to go for it.

1. Muay Thai

Nothing is quite as adventurous as unleashing your inner warrior, and trying your hand at Muay Thai may just be one of the coolest stories you tell your friends when you get home. We’re not suggesting you jump in the ring, but suiting up for a class and throwing a few punches is best done with the real experts in the home of Thai boxing.

Muay Thai

2. Ziplining

Going into Thailand’s rugged forests is an epic adventure in itself, but walking amongst the tree tops and gliding from one tree to the other like Tarzan is hands down one of our favourite things to do. From the change in perspective to the adrenaline rush, getting off of the ground and seeing Thailand from the top is a definite must-do.

Canopy Walk

3. Trying durian

It may not seem that adventurous, but until you’ve gotten a whiff of this infamous fruit, you don’t know what you’re up against. Named one of the stinkiest foods in the world, durian is all over Thailand, and there’s no better place to give it a try for your first (and possibly last) time.

The smell of durian has been compared to the likes of rotten eggs and hot garbage, but the taste is surprisingly pleasant. You’ll probably break a sweat just getting close to it, and if you manage to swallow it, it’ll definitely be something you’ll never forget.


4. Snorkeling/ Scuba diving

Snorkeling isn’t really a bucket list activity that you can just do once and never do again, and even if you think you’ve done some impressive snorkeling before, you’ve gotta do it right, in some of the clearest water on the planet.

With lots of healthy and diverse coral reefs to choose from, and legendary visitors such as whale sharks and manta rays, you could literally spend your whole time exploring the waters around the hundreds of Thai islands.

There is SO much to see around the islands, and if you’re scuba certified you can take your Thai explorations to a whole other level.


5. City Biking

Even if you’ve biked at home or in other busy cities, biking in cities like Bangkok is probably a completely different experience to what you’re used to.

There is so much of the city to discover on a bike, and whilst navigating around markets and rickshaws is one thing, getting away from the touristy areas and exploring the many bike-friendly routes of the city is a great (and cheap) way to see more and work off that extra bowl of pad thai you had that afternoon.

City Biking

6. Hill climbing

How many hills do you climb on a regular basis? Well if you lived in Thailand, you’d probably be climbing a lot more.

Some of the BEST views in Thailand come from infamous lookout points, and when you combine the tropical climate with the incline, you’re definitely working to get to the top. Whether its stairs or a steep walk, the view is always worth it in Thailand.


7. Cooking Class

Spicy menu item flames aren’t the only fire you’ll be feeling in a Thai kitchen. For takeout lovers especially, you’ll probably never experience the intensity of, or relish in the satisfaction of completing a kick-ass Thai dish all by yourself like this ever again.

Thai Cooking Class

8. Canoeing/ Kayaking

Paddling your way through the ocean is cool enough, but when you add in the stunning shorelines of Thailand as your backdrop, not to mention all of the amazing caves and mangroves that the islands leave at your disposal to explore, you end up with a bucketlist-worthy activity that’s a must-do on any Thailand trip.


9. Trying your first bug

If Canadian cuisine is your usual go-to, the bugs of Thailand may be the biggest adventure you take your taste buds on in 2017. Once you get over the initial reservations, it usually doesn’t take long to realize just how tasty and satisfying insects can be.


10. Falls jumping

Why enjoy falls from afar when you can get right in them?

You may think that only fairies frolic amongst waterfalls, but in Thailand you can do it IRL at the gorgeous Erawan Falls. Whether you play in the falls directly or stick to the surrounding waters, there’s no better place to show off your jumping skills.


Erawan Falls

11. Trekking

All of that lush greenery is just begging to be explored, and your camera is guaranteed to get a workout during your next Thailand trip. Forests and fields in Thailand provide the ideal landscape for a challenging walk, with that iconic Thai scenery that just won’t quit.


12. Fish pedis

Who doesn’t love a good foot tickle or two? Forgoing the files and opting for a more ‘natural’ procedure for removing dead skin is definitely something you won’t forget – especially when you have little fish gently doing the job for you.

It’s definitely not for everyone, but don’t be surprised if the experience intrigues you enough to give it a try in Bangkok.

Fish Pedicure

13. Jeep Off-Roading

Can you think of a cooler place to go off-roading than through the Thai jungle? There’s nothing better than leaving the pavement behind and riding through the jungle to temples, hidden beaches, small villages and waterfalls – all with the wind blowing in your hair.

Jeep off-roading

14. Sepak takraw

Even if you’re a sports superstar or a cross fit queen, we bet 20 minutes of sepak takraw will kick your butt. There is no other sport that combines athleticism, precision, acrobatics, speed, strategy and strength like sepak takraw does, and if an insane new sport is what you’re after, Thailand is the perfect place to find it.


Two men playing badminton in Thailand.

15. Thai Massages

How can a massage be an adventure you ask? Well, you probably have no idea what kind of potential a massage can live up to unless you’ve had one in Thailand.

They’re cheap, available on practically every corner, and hands down the most talented and thorough masseuses we’ve ever experienced. Once you’ve had one Thai massage you’ll be thinking about how many more you can fit in before you leave, and you’ll forever reminisce over them when you get a ‘normal’ massage at home.

Thai massage