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5 experiences that will make you fall in love with Indonesia


A trip to Indonesia will change how you see life. It’s a place where you can heal your soul by exploring and enjoy the wonders around you with all your senses. Here are 5 experiences you can do in Indonesia that will leave you enchanted forever.

Tasting pure heaven all over the country

Eating Indonesian food is a magic experience: with each bite you will relieve the entire history of the islands. A triumph of simplicity and elegance, which explodes in a very strong link with the territory. The main ingredients are rice, cultivated in the immense verdant terraces of the area, fresh vegetables and fish.

Falling in love at first sight at Gili Meno

Take a breath, dive into the water and feel the tender sound of the waves. Your heart will melt watching the sweetness of underwater lovers’ hug. Their embrace, full of strength and tenacity, will be colored with beautiful corals. Magnificent fishes will join you in a wonderful dance that will become one of the most authentic memories of your life.


Caressing gentle giants in Bali

Welcome to the island of the Gods. Awesome elephants are waiting for you: the gentle giants are ready and waiting to be stroked. Just one look is enough to turn an elephant into a friend for life. As impressive as they are, they will also protect you from the pitfalls of the forest.

Getting lost in silence at Lombok

Here, you can truly relax from the top of the world. Get lost in the silence of nature and look deep into the heart of things. The love for life and the universe around you will surround you. You will feel at home, even though you’re miles away from it. 



Being bowled over by the sunset in Gili Trawangan

If you want to step up, sometimes you have to lose your balance. Get on the swing, hang on and let go: with the wind in your hair and your feet in crystal waters enjoy an unforgivable indonesian sunset.

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