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6 Ways Travelling To Peru Will Make You Richer


Ever thought travelling could actually make you richer? Well it can! Maybe not with extra digits in your bank account but in other, more lasting ways. Peru in particular is a country rich with heritage and natural beauty, and here’s why you should be booking a flight there if you’re after an enriching travel experience…

The culture will give you a deeper appreciation for ancient civilizations

In Peru, they still do a lot of the things their ancestors did 5,000 years ago. Ancient traditions are also modern traditions. From things like creating textiles from llama wool, farming, preparing and cooking food, Peru may have WiFi but their culture is deeply steeped in Inca history and they’re living proof that new isn’t always best.



You’ll try foods you’ve never even heard of before

Ever had tuna? The fruit we mean. No? Well by the time you leave Peru we guarantee you’ll have tasted dishes you’ve never even dreamed of! They have over 4,000 varieties of potato and 55 varieties of corn and it’s hard to believe, but you can’t get bored of them! You’ve no doubt heard of the Peruvian dish ‘cuy’ (AKA guinea pig), but that is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the delicious and unique foods on offer. The comfort dish lomo saltado, is a particular favourite of ours that will certainly make you feel richer (on the inside!).


There’s an Instagram worthy landscape around every corner

Peru is a diverse and large country so it’s no wonder that there’s a vast array of views at your fingertips. From tropical beaches to the deep silence of the Amazon jungle, back to soaring sand dunes and deserts, Peru has it all. Our personal favourites have to be the colourful Vinicunca AKA Rainbow Mountain, the concentric circles of Moray Ruins in the Sacred Valley, Colca Canyon (which is twice as deep as the Grand Canyon!) and of course, Machu Picchu.



The diverse range of destinations will satisfy every holiday craving

Peru isn’t just hiking to Machu Picchu, far from it. A lot of people think it’s for ‘outdoorsy’ types, and while it certainly has more than its fair share to offer in that department, Peru also has plenty of untapped destinations. For example, did you know Cusco and Lima are basically a hipster’s paradise? There’s a big youth population in the cities and you’ll be able to get your exotic dessert fix in Peru’s yummy mazamorra morada dessert. Since you can be in the jungle one minute and soaking up the sun on the beach the next, it’s little surprise that Peru is the perfect holiday for everyone.


You can do almost every type of thrill-seeking adventure

Remember those dunes we mentioned? You can board or quad bike around on them! Those rivers in Peru? White water raft or kayak your way down them! There are endless adventure experiences in Peru and there’s one to fit everyone. Surfing, hiking, mountain bike riding, scuba diving, paragliding, zip lining and bungee jumping… where will you start? Peru gives you the chance to tick off every adrenaline packed activity on your bucket list!


And of course, all the unforgettable moments you’ll tell the grandkids about

When you’re travelling, you’re making yourself richer for the rest of your life. Sharing these moments with your loved ones when you return and reliving the memories is a gift that goes on giving. Seeing the sunrise over the ancient ruins of Machu Picchu. Seeing the infamous piranhas up close in the Amazon. Your first sip of corn beer that you just saw made from scratch. All these unforgettable experiences will give you a wealth of knowledge about Peru and its culture, but also a good deposit in your bank of enriching moments.