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7 reasons why Thailand is the perfect place to start your Southeast Asian adventure


Looking to travel Southeast Asia, but don’t know where to start? The clear answer is Thailand, and here’s why:

Location, location, location

Logistically, starting a Southeast Asia adventure in Thailand just makes sense.

Its north-easterly location makes it super easy to either go south towards Malaysia, Indonesia and the Philippines, or go north-east towards Cambodia, Laos or Vietnam. Or, you can easily do it all in a big loop, starting AND ending in Thailand. It’s a no-brainer.


Flying to Asia may seem expensive and daunting, but flying into Suvarnabhumi Airport (BKK) is generally cheaper, easier, and just the most logical way to start a trip before you move on to places like Laos and Cambodia. Start and end in Bangkok for the best deals, and one of our favourite airports.

Thailand Airport

There’s a lil bit of everything

Starting in Thailand will give you a taste of everything Southeast Asia has to offer, and it’s a great way to do it all, and decide what you want to do more of for the rest of your travels. Beaches, islands, temples, nightlife, wildlife, busy cities – you’ve got it ALL in Thailand.


Street Food 101

If this is your first time to Asia, Thailand is a great place to ease into traditional dishes and the street food culture. Thai street food is legendary and delicious with a wide variety of flavours, and it’s a great way to prepare your palate for the rest of Southeast Asia.


Thai Food

Khao San Road

If you’re travelling alone or are new to Southeast Asia, Khao San Road in Bangkok is THE place where you wanna start your trip. This street is a hub for hotels, hostels, restaurants, day trips, nightlife and of course shopping.

You’re sure to meet tons of fellow travellers if you’re looking to expand your travel squad, and the legendary buckets will provide you with the necessary RedBull you need to fight that jet lag. It’s the perfect place to ease into South Asian culture.

Awesome shopping

You can’t go to Southeast Asia without buying a few key items of clothing, and Thailand is the place to get them. Temple pants are a MUST, and you’ve absolutely gotta get a souvenir tank top or two.

The ‘Singha’ tank and ‘Same Same’ sayings are two of our favourites, and not only will they be staples in your wardrobe as you continue your travels, but they’ll be your favourite souvenirs when you get home.

And did we mention the floating markets? They are something you HAVE to experience.

Thailand shopping

Easy transport

Whether it’s on an overnight train, short flight, boat or bus ride, there are so many ways to get around, whether you’re travelling within Thailand or continuing on to other parts of Southeast Asia.

Ready to plan your trip to Thailand and the rest of Southeast Asia?

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Thailand boats