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8 of the best girls trips to take with your squad


If we see any more photos of T-Swift vacationing with her besties, we might actually explode with envy… But what’s really stopping us from achieving OUR girl’s trip fantasies? It’s a lot easier to pull off on Spring Break or Reading Week, but the squad vacation doesn’t have to die once you leave school, and livin’ it up abroad with your besties sounds a lot like vacation perfection. We may not be able to rent out an entire island with our girls socialite style, but epic levels of squad vacay fun are absolutely attainable for us all.

When we’re planning a girls trip, we’re dreaming about a combo of the following: all of the sunshine, lots of places to dance and bust out that squad choreo, drool-worthy food, awesome sights, fab drinks, epic shopping, and scrumptious eye-candy.

Ready to serve up a hot dish of squad goals to your Instagram feed? These 8 destinations are the epitome of squad vacation perfection:

Taylor Swift squad


Who doesn’t love appetizers and cocktails with their ladies? Well picture this. Tapas. Sangria. Music to shake your hips to. That awesome Mediterranean sunshine. Gorgeous scenery and architecture. Art and culture galore.

Spain has it all, and there aren’t really any other destinations that are more perfect for a girly getaway. From Barcelona to Madrid to Seville, Spain is passion central, and who better to explore it with than the peeps you’re most passionate about?


More specifically, Ibiza

Take all of the above from Spain and turn it up a notch. Ibiza is not just your standard clubbing experience, it’s home to some of the best clubs in the world. The beaches are next-level gorgeous, even by Mediterranean standards. The weather is pretty close to perfect almost all year round. The Old Town is stunning for your sightseeing needs, and it’s also like a European version of Vegas, so fun and craziness galore if you’re the Samantha of your crew.

Did we mention dancing? All day, all night. If dominating the dancefloor with your crew is your thing, the clubs all over Ibiza are the perfect place for your squad to showcase your skills. And the seafood? Ultimate freshness and the perfect combo with a sangria or cerveza.

A group of women are dancing in front of a white background during their best girls' trip.


Turkey, Greece, Croatia – anywhere in the Mediterranean really is perfect.  Remember that bonding weekend at the beach house that Marnie tried to pull off on Girls? Well a sailing trip is how you do that the right way, without the trip ending in an all-out screaming match.

You’re semi-secluded while on the water, so there’s plenty of guaranteed together time, but you’re sailing in paradise which elevates everyone’s mood automatically. Mix that with the sunshine, Mediterranean food, crystal clear blue waters and awesome on-shore shenanigans and you’re pretty much guaranteed to leave feeling that bit more united as a crew. Just like those travelling pants, a sailing trip always brings people together.


New York

If Sex and the City taught us anything it’s that friendship can get you through anything, and it’s kind of impossible to not get all sentimental over your clique in the Big Apple. Chances are you’re gonna stroll down the street in a line swinging your shopping bags. You’re gonna sip martinis and gossip at a bar. You’re gonna put on sparkly dresses and hit the town. That’s just what besties do, right?

All clichés aside, NYC really is ideal for a girls trip even if HBO has never been in your TV lineup. It’s energetic and vibrant. There’s more shopping than anyone could every need or want. There’s also food from everywhere you could ever crave. Top notch entertainment, nightlife and a zillion things to do in one metropolis means your trip is easy to plan and execute to accommodate every personality in your crew.


Sex and the City


‘What’s so special about Italy?’ Said no one ever. THE best wine. All of your favourite carb-alicious foods. Gelato. Chocolate. Jaw dropping photo ops. All of the things that go oh-so-perfectly with besties are found in the land of red, white and green.

Also, what’s the best way to combine retail therapy with a supportive squad who love shopping as well? Designer shopping! Even if it’s just to try on that gorgeous gown you’ll never own and to have your friends there to gush over how hot you look in it, sometimes it’s needed.



Tanned surfer dudes. Adorable animals to selfie with. Beaches on beaches on beaches. It feels like it’s a million miles away so the exotic factor is definitely there, but the culture and language are just familiar enough to be comforting.

Beach time may be a staple for your squad, but this is the place to go to take it up a notch. And did we mention the accents? Making new friends as well isn’t such a bad thing on a squad vacay. Just sayin’…


Las Vegas

You don’t necessarily need something to celebrate in Vegas – sometimes life is enough to celebrate on its own. It may be the historical home of bachelor/ bachelorette parties, but that just proves how perfect it is for a squad vacation.

The parties are legendary of course, but it’s also a great place to get a lil taste of international travel all in one place. You can rotate around the different themed hotels and mix things up without ever leaving the desert. Just keep in mind the mistakes that plagued squads in movies like the Hangover and keep the casualties and permanent damage to a minimum if you can.


The ultimate best girls trip experience on a balcony with a group of friends.
Las Vegas


Pastries, shopping, culture, and the most colour coordinated city in history make for a glam girls trip for the record books. Go out to eat with your besties, see the can-can girls do their thing and let them inspire you to high-kick all over town.

Drink the wine, eat a tonne of delicious butter and cream infused delicacies at a table with your favourite people. Just glam it out, buy matching berets and love life the French way.

Spice Girls Squad

Stop dreaming and make sh*t happen!