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A Definitive Ranking Of Australia’s Ultimate Biscuit: The Tim Tam


Let it be known that Australia has many good biscuits (which some may call cookies but we do it different Down Under). Many. But the king of all of these is the Arnott’s Tim Tam. Chocolatey, layered and perfect solo or with a cup of tea; no one says no to a Tim Tam. The airports are full of them because every traveller to Australia knows how good they are and wants to take a suitcase full home. However, there are a lot of flavours and the best flavour is a hotly debated topic, so we’ve decided to just sort it out once and for all. Don’t @ us if you don’t agree, this is #science.

Note: There are SO many limited edition flavours out there. Some are instant hits and become so memorable that Tim Tam introduces them permanently (our fingers crossed for the Honeycomb Gelato Messina ones if you’re reading this Arnott’s), while others we long to forget (looking at you Pina Colada flavour). To keep it simple, we’ve reviewed the classics and given honourable mentions to any real stand out limited edition flavours.

7. White Chocolate

White chocolate isn’t really chocolate and there’s nowhere that’s more obvious than in Tim Tams for some reason. If you LOVE white choc these will rank higher for you we’re sure but no one ever brings these to a BBQ. Ever. 2/10.

6. Choc Mint

Choc Mint is a divisive flavour at the best of times but Tim Tam does it well with a dark choccy biscuit and not too overpowering mint filling. Despite that, the people have spoken and it only gets a 4/10. Bonus points because they’re available in the US!


Image source:Woolworths

5. Peanut Butter

These really, really should have been better but left many peanut butter fans disappointed thanks to the dry peanut butter filling that wasn’t salty or sweet enough (don’t ask me how something can be not enough of either but those are the reviews). These just scrape by with a 5/10.


Image source:Woolworths

4. Classic Dark Chocolate

Dark chocolate done right is how we’d describe these. A nice sweet dark choccy filling with a slightly more bitter coating (nowhere near 70% though). We’d argue these are the perfect pairing for a mocha. You can pick these babies up at select stores in the US too. 6.5/10.

3. Original

Also available in the US (all the best flavours seem to be, it’s also most like Tim Tam knows what people like, weird), the original flavour is close to be faultless. In fact it would be faultless if Tim Tam hadn’t released more flavours BUT it’s got a solid chocolate biscuit to chocolate filling and chocolate coating ratio and you will never be disappointed to have one. Thanks OG, 8/10.


Image source:WikiMedia Commons

2. Chewy Caramel

Wow wow wow. Chewy caramel is a tasty treat. Everyone likes caramel and its ability to not stray to far from what makes a Tim Tam great while also introducing a sticky, lip-smacking caramel centre gives this treat a 9/10.

1. Double Coat

The original but better. Tim Tam Double Coat is the ultimate Tim Tam, nay, biscuit in the world! Even more chocolate coating means even more noms. Thanks for being you Double Coat – 14/10.


Image source:Flickr, Andy Melton

Honourable Mentions: Slams Category

Any visitor to Australia must perform a Tim Tam Slam. Ok, they don’t have to but they should. It’s the beloved way to eat a Tim Tam and it involves taking a small bite from each end of the biscuit, and then dipping it into a hot drink (tea, coffee, hot choc etc.) and using it like a straw to drink. Sounds weird but it’s very enjoyable. That’s why Tim Tam created a whole range designed specifically to Slam! Flavours include, Choc Malt and Stick Caramel, Choc Hazelnut and Gooey Caramel and Dark Choc and Sticky Raspberry. All were good so it’s really hard to choose a winner here BUT the Dark Choc and Raspberry has to take it home simply because it’s a delightful pairing and was unlike any flavour before it. In fact, it’s my personal favourite of all time but this isn’t about me, this is about the people and their love of Tim Tams.


Image source:Arnott’s

Honourable Mentions: Gelato Messina Category

The collab with iconic Australian ice cream shop Gelato Messina is the perfect match and they’ve released a lot of unique flavours together such as: Honeycomb, Turkish Delight, Choc Cherry Coconut, Iced Coffee, Black Forest, Salted Caramel and Vanilla and Coconut and Lychee. The winner from all of these is the Honeycomb. There just aren’t enough honeycomb treats out there we think and these were so morish.


Image source:Arnott’s

Honourable Mentions: Mocktails

In a perhaps misguided attempt to turn one of the most celebratory snacks into even more of a celebration, Tim Tam introduced a mocktail inspired range and well… between Pina Colada, Strawberry Champagne and Espresso Martini, it wasn’t a hot favourite. If we had to choose a winner it would be Espresso Martini because it was the only one that didn’t have that super fake fruit taste (seriously who designs some lollies? People who have never tasted actual fruit?!). Plus, lots of people eat Tim Tams with coffee so it was rather complimentary.

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