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Behind The Scenes: Kate Boissett in Japan

Image of Japanese fashion - Japan Unrivalled with Contiki

Earlier this year, we kicked off our newest trip to Japan, a.k.a #JapanUnrivalled. Fitness and fashion blogger Kate Boissett was one of the very first travellers on this tour, so we thought in true Contiki tradition, we’d ask her a bunch of post-trip questions to see what went down. These are her words…

Kate Boissett - Japan Unrivalled: Contiki Holidays


“It was definitely an experience. The streets were wild, so many people and everywhere you looked there was something going on. As soon as we touched down in the city, we hit the streets and got straight into the experience. Culture shock at every turn.

Culture shock #1 – ordering food from a vending machine.

Culture shock #2 – Japan’s infamous Maid Cafe’s.”


Image of Kate Boisset in Tokyo


 “I loved it! So many cool little boutiques and cafes. Quirkyness everywhere. I’d love to stay there next time I go to Japan. I briefly spotted a ‘Harajuku girl’ which was pretty cool. There was a really awesome shoe shop and so many cute boutiques. I really loved the fashion and pop culture there. It had a really good vibe.” 

Image of shoe shop in Harajuku with Contiki


I’m honestly not one for shows, theater etc BUT I loved it. The whole atmosphere was crazy; the music and costumes were just incredible!”

Image of Kate Boissett at the robot restaurant for Contiki Holidays
Image of the robot restaurant with Contiki Holidays


 “Shibuya crossing was nuts! I thought New York was busy, but I was wrong. I think we walked across it a few times. Then we searched for a cool place inside a shopping center to go get a video! I’ve never seen so many people coming from so many different directions!”

Image of Kate Boissett for Contiki Holidays - Japan Unrivalled


“Hot springs are such a natural beautiful thing .They contain minerals with stimulating benefits good for circulation and metabolism but can also assist with things like cardiovascular disease, arthritis, and nervous system imbalances. I’m not sure if the same benefits apply to all hot springs all over the world but I’d happily jump in Japan’s for it’s warmth and experience!”

Image of Kate boissett at the hot springs - Contiki Holidays


 “If you’re going to Japan between January and May, be sure to pack for winter and even snow depending where you’re travelling to. Snow or not, it can get quite chilly, and you really need to kit yourself in everything but snow boots to roam the streets!

Being there in March it wasn’t too bad for us, although I never went out without a coat! So take options! And boots! And a beanie! A wind proof jacket is always a good one to throw in the suitcase too. My favourite looks in Tokyo – I Loved the streetstyle in Harajuku – You can find images on my website under my ‘Anything but Ordinary’ story. Also see my Japan travel posts for the typical outfits I wore.”

Kate Boisset style in Japan - Contiki Holidays

Kate voyaged through Japan with Contiki and 9 other all star creatives, on the 13-day Japan Unrivalled trip. Check out Kate Boissett’s blog for the latest travel and style tips or follow her on Instagram.