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Thought being Veggie in Budapest was hard? Guess again…


“Budapest is a vegetarian’s worst nightmare” Is a phrase I often heard before moving to Budapest to study. In reality, I’m finding quite the opposite! Budapest may get a bad reputation among vegetarians due to their traditional dishes of Gulyás (A stew of meat in vegetables and spices) and Chicken paprikash, but it is incredibly easy and super yummy to be vegetarian in Budapest!

I have never been a huge fan of eating meat, but moving to Budapest is what really inspired me to change my ways and live more sustainably. At first, I thought it would be difficult, but I was pleasantly surprised at all the options available. Here’s why being Veggie in Budapest is awesome:

Mazel Tov

This Israeli fusion restaurant is absolutely to die for and once again caters to vegetarians and meat-eaters alike. With its gorgeous interior and lively vibe, it’s extremely popular among locals and tourists so I would recommend booking a table, so you are not disappointed. The highlight, however, is their veggie burger, crispy falafels topped with hummus, pesto, cheese and all served in a sweet potato ‘bun’. I’ll take two please!

The Hummus bar

I must visit the hummus bar at least once a week, it is a vegetarian/vegan (and meat-eaters) dream. The hummus bar is an Israeli restaurant that first opened in 2005 and due to its popularity, it now has thirteen restaurants scattered across the city. Serving creamy plates of hummus with warm pita bread, crispy falafels, Shakshuka, salads, soups all handmade and heartfelt it is an absolute must for anyone visiting Budapest and I promise you will not be left unsatisfied.

A vegetarian plate in Budapest with falafel, pita bread, and hummus.


This little gem takes the meaning of street food to a whole new level. Nestled next to one of the most popular ruin pubs, Szimpla Kert this place has plenty of veggie options to choose from and even a whole burger stand dedicated to vegans!


Try the traditional food

Hang on a minute…Try traditional food? I know what I said before but a lot the traditional food is vegetarian and damn well delicious! From Lángos which is a deep-fried dough typically topped with cheese and sour cream (Did I mention the part where I said deep-fried dough!) to Kürtőskalács (Chimney cake) a sweet spiraled pull-apart bread topped often rolled in cinnamon, cocoa, coconut or even stuffed with Nutella and Rántott Sajt more commonly known as deep-fried cheese, need I say anymore?

Do you have a vegetarian or vegan foodie guide for your favorite destination? Share your stories with us here and you could see your work published on six-two…

A person holding a vegetarian pastry.