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The Best Christmas Market In The World Is NOT Where You’d Expect

A festive Christmas market in Europe bustling with crowds.

Chilly temperatures, twinkling lights, the sound of children laughing and the scent of mulled wine as you happily wander the market stalls looking for the perfect gift. Where are we describing? Christmas markets of course, but where? Germany? Scotland maybe? Nope, the people have spoken and the best Christmas markets in the world are in none other than… Croatia!

Croatia, the country of our summer dreams, is a Christmas nirvana apparently! For the second year in a row Croatia’s capital Zagreb has been voted the best European Christmas Market by 180,000 people.


European Best Destinations revealed their annual list with Zagreb in top place, saying it deserves the win because of its fun themed programmes, entertainment, beautiful and spacious market square and idyllic setting. Many of us won’t know this, but it actually does snow in Zagreb during the cold months, making it a winter wonderland perfect for holiday markets!


A group of people walking through a Christmas market at night.

Following Zagreb on the list in second place was Strasbourg in France, AKA the ‘Capital of Christmas’. Starting in 1570, it’s the oldest Christmas market in Europe and now boasts 300 stalls over 12 locations in the city!


Third place went to another French city, Colmar. Their six-week Christmas celebrations are done in a truly magical setting of cute winding lanes and selling traditional wares.


Enter Germany! Aachen in Western Germany took out fourth place thanks to it’s stunning light displays and mix of modern and old stalls. This is one for people of all ages.


Sneaking in at fifth place is breathtaking Vienna in Austria. With a backdrop of iconic buildings and looming trees as you eat your hot baked goods, it really is a fairy tale.


Winter really is one of the best times to visit Europe, even if it is literally just for Christmas markets!

You can check out the full list of top Christmas markets here.