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These are the 6 best European panoramic views

Panoramic view of Venice

Europe has some of the most buzzing cities and capitals in the world. For some, this can seem overwhelming but one thing I’d recommend every traveller do is to take a step back and admire Europe’s amazing landscapes from above.

This will give you a unique perspective, guaranteed. It’s also a great way to take in all that culture and ambience – and it may just take your breath away. Here are my top European panoramic views that you need to check out…


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St. Marks Campanile in Venice, Italy

Located in the heart of Venice, this tower delivers pristine views of the Venetian canals intertwining between buildings. Marvel at the amber roofs, as towers and cathedrals emerge from city. You can ride an elevator to the top for €8, or tackle the stairs for free, and spend as long as you want gazing out across the city.


St. Marks Basillica in Gdansk, Poland

After ascending 409 steps, witness the cozy streets and traditional Polish architecture of Gdansk. Admire the clocktower of St. Nicholas Basillica and the Long Lane Markets, as well as seeing beyond old town. The views only cost €2.50.


Ljubljana Castle in Ljubljana, Slovenia

Ljubljana Castle is in the centre of old town and is a beautiful centrepiece. Get to the top and the views are all Eastern architecture and greenery, beyond is the mountainous terrain that borders the city of Ljubljana.


Heidelberg Castle in Heidelberg, Germany 

After a quick cable car ride, you can step out onto the patio of the Heidelberg Castle and catch a glimpse of the quaint German town that lives alongside the Neckar River. With narrow streets weaving in and out of the old buildings, the view shows off the country towns nestled within the rolling hills of west Germany.


Zagreb 360 in Zagreb, Croatia

Head up here for sunset and you won’t regret it. See the rooftops of Croatia’s capital from the 16th floor – the panoramic 360 view is divine! See if you can spot Zagreb Cathedral then grab a coffee from the cute cafe.


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Fisherman’s Bastion in Budapest, Hungary

This is one of the best-known monuments on the Buda side of the city. Up here you get panoramic views all the way across the rest of the city and the river Danube. See how many of the cities many bridges you can spot from up here!


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