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These Travellers Ghost Stories Will Have You Running For The Holy Water

A spooky scene of a stone wall and trees in a foggy field, perfect for ghost stories.

Do you believe in ghosts? Are you always curious about the ~other side~ and love reading spooky stories that’ll raise the hairs on your arms? There are plenty of (supposedly) haunted places around the world and many travellers have returned home telling tales of the undead.

We’ve rounded up a few, you be the judge if they’re real or not…

While I was in the US, I kept seeing a little blonde girl following me. I woke up one night thinking my friend was standing at the end of the bed looking at me, but she was actually in the other bed next to me. I was sick and had no voice so couldn’t even scream for help! I didn’t sleep sound after that night. The worst part was when we saw a psychic in New Orleans, they even mentioned the little girl that was following me!

– Tara M.

ghost stories

At my hotel in San Francisco I kept hearing this noise in the hallway outside my room so I went to have a look. I saw a figure at the end of the passage and grabbed my phone to take a photo. The next day I showed it around and everyone agreed it was not human, whatever it was. The hotel reception later confirmed it’s a known haunted hotel.

– Tim J.

A man in glasses is sitting in front of a painting, surrounded by ghost stories.

While in Greece, many of the travellers on the boat kept having weird dreams about the same, identical person. Each traveller would describe this person and the descriptions matched perfectly. On one of the last nights in Ios, I woke around 3am to my roommate saying, “There’s someone in our room”. It was incredibly spooky.

– Hanna G.


No ghost stories.

I was exploring New Orleans and decided to have dinner at this super cute little outdoor bar. I kept feeling someone touch my lower back while I was sitting down enjoying my meal. I thought it might have been a kid at the table behind us or something and eventually decided I couldn’t ignore it any longer, but when I turned to the table behind us to tell the kid to stop, it was an empty table. I must have looked super freaked out because the waitress asked me if I was feeling alright. I told her about it and she said that it happens regularly to women who come to have dinner.

– Renay C.

A man in a fur coat walking down the street in a ghostly manner.

Once a day, when I was travelling in Japan, I would have someone stroke my hair. No one would ever be behind me and it happened a few times when I was alone too. It freaked me out for the first two weeks. Then I got used to it. Never happened again when I got home.

– Amira A.

Jennifer Lawrence shares ghost stories on The Tonight Show.

While in Edinburgh, my friend and I did a ghost tour of the underground vaults. It was very interesting but it definitely felt weird down there. I didn’t think too much of it until I had been home for a while and strange things started happening, like books flying off shelves and being shaken awake at night. A while later I was at a party and a psychic automatically came up to me and asked about my strange encounters. I told her what was happening and she asked if I had been out of the country. I said yes and she said, “Ok, so there is a man named William who looks to be a soldier from World War I or II. He has attached himself to you because he thought you could help him. He doesn’t know he’s dead so all the weird things happening is him trying to get your attention and getting angry that you’re not responding”.

She also told me there was an older man protecting me from him and he kept saying to her to tell me, “It’s salt and pepper baby. Salt and pepper”. Which nobody knew is that’s what my grandfather used to say about his hair when we would call it grey. The psychic told me how to get rid of the soldier and I didn’t have any more problems. However, I did look into it and the vaults in Edinburgh were apparently used like an underground city during air raids in World War II. So if you’re in Edinburgh, just be alert in the vaults and don’t bring home any lost friends like I did.

– Tamara R.

These stories have been edited for clarity and length.