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8 best things to do in Queenstown for the 20-something traveller


Proclaimed to be the adventure capital of the world, can you really say you’re a young travel junkie if you haven’t ticked Queenstown off your bucket list?

Don’t know where to start? Don’t stress! These 8 incredible things to do in Queenstown are an absolute must for every 20-something traveller…

Dig Into a Fergburger (or Two)

Eating a burger for breakfast is basically the same thing as digging into a hearty meal of bacon and eggs, right? Well, word to the wise, if you want to taste a famous Fergburger but also want to beat the swarms of hungry tourists that want one too, a burger for breakfast is definitely the way to go! If the burger Gods are in your favour, you might even score a seat!

But in all seriousness, get a Fergburger. It’s basically the food capital of Queenstown and you certainly won’t regret your purchase – but you might regret stopping at just one.

Jump out of a Plane

Remember how I mentioned that Queenstown was basically the adventure capital of the world? Well, what better way to taste adventure than by hurtling out of a plane?

There are a number of companies that will happily let you put your bravery to the test, and skydiving in Queenstown will set you back anywhere from around $300 to $450, depending on how high you want to go and which operator you want to choose.

Bungee Jump

If jumping out of a plane and plummeting at a frighteningly high speed towards the ground isn’t enough for you, Queenstown is also known for its bungee jumping.

Bungee jumping is pretty much the ultimate thrill-seeker activity, and honestly, if you’re not scared of heights – it’s pretty awesome! So, make sure you pack a little extra cash (prices start from around $150) and maybe wait until after you complete your jump to have lunch…


Take the Best Selfie on a Guided Alpine Walk

Put on your best looking hiking gear and head out on a guided alpine walk where you can soak up some sweet views and get that insta shot that will make your account go viral. Seriously, with the right view and a good camera (or even the latest iPhone) you’ll be able to score a shot that will put even the best travel photographers and bloggers to shame.


Cookie Time is a magical place where the beloved children’s character, The Cookie Monster, has essentially laid all of his cookie-spiration down, so hungry travellers like you and I can get lost in a sea of loaded cookie milkshakes.

Can’t get into one of their stores? Don’t worry, you can buy their delicious chocolate chunk cookie varieties pretty much everywhere in New Zealand, including the airport – so stock up before you fly home.

Drink the Water From Melted Glaciers at Milford Sound

Taking a leisurely cruise around Milford Sound is a given when you visit New Zealand, and you’ll get to soak up a lot of the countryside and mountain views on the way.

However, the real perk, especially for all those healthy lovers of organic produce out there, is when you pull over to a stream on the side of the road that’s filled with ice cold water that runs directly from melted glaciers way up above you. No joke, this ice cold, super refreshing water tastes better than any water you’ve ever drank, especially that overpriced spring water you can buy in a bottle. It’s also cleaner than your typical tap water – so drink away!


Check out the Remarkables Mountain Range

These bad boys can be seen from just about anywhere in Queenstown, and trust me when I say they’re utterly stunning! You can find them on the south-eastern shore of Lake Wakatipu, and most 20-somethings hit them up in winter for their awesome ski fields.

Skiing and snowboarding is pretty awesome regardless of whether you’re a seasoned professional or just a clumsy beginner, but the even better news is that you don’t have to sit in a car or bus for hours if you want to hit the slopes – you can get there from Queenstown in around 40 minutes.

Drink Yourself Warm at Minus 5º ICE BAR

If you crave a bar vibe that sets itself apart from the rest, head down to Minus 5º ICE BAR where you can chuck on a coat and raise a glass. It’s pretty damn cold, but you’ll be having so much fun in Queenstown’s very own slice of Antarctica that you won’t even notice the temperature.

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