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This is the best time to visit Belize for the ultimate travel experience


If you’re in the early stages of planning a trip away and all you know is this—give me the sun, sea and maximum relaxation—this one’s for you. The stunning Central American country is one of the best places to go for all three and the truth is that you can’t really go too wrong, but it also has plenty of unique things to do depending on which season you travel in. And that’s where we come in.

Here’s your ultimate guide on the best time to visit Belize, so you have a ideal time and tick off all of your non-negotiable bucket list items.

Autumn in Belize

Truthfully, Belize is a tropical destination and has only two true seasons—wet and dry—rather than the standard four you might be used to in your home town. So, let’s start with September through November, AKA Autumn. This is the low season in the Caribbean so that means it’s a great time to travel for a little bit cheaper and without the crowds. However, it’s worth being aware that it’s also the wet season and hurricanes are more common than in the dry season (makes sense, right?).

Given that, it’s advisable you stick to the mainland rather than head out to an island, as the seas could be rough. You’ll get the best travel deals during these months and don’t worry, you can rest assured that the weather is still warm with an average of 31 degrees Celsius (that’s 88 Fahrenheit), so if you don’t mind the rain, this is the best time to go. In September you can also join in with Belize’s national pride events; St George’s Caye Day, Carnival and Independence Day so there is plenty to do.

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Winter in Belize

The good news is there is no such thing as a true winter in Belize, not really. From December through February the rains start to ease up and travellers start flocking in for peak season. The winds from the North (aptly referred to as ‘Northers’) are frequent during this time among the cays, but the temperatures are still a pleasant 28-29 degrees Celsius (roughly 82 Fahrenheit).

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Staying in Belize over New Year is a great option for travellers looking for a good time as they take the festivities very seriously and it’s a HUGE night with plenty of dancing and partying. All followed up with lazy days next to the turquoise waters.

Spring in Belize

High season means dry season and March through May is the perfect time to head to Belize. Caye Caulker is paradise on earth and the most idyllic destination if you’re keen on white sands, the bluest ocean and green palm trees swaying in the sea breeze. From there, you can chill on the beach, swim, snorkel, scuba dive and relax to your heart’s content. It’s also the best place to visit the famous Great Blue Hole; a giant marine sinkhole off the coast of (you guessed it) Belize.

Spring is also the best time for whale season so if swimming with these magnificent creatures is on your bucket list, this is the time to go. Temperatures are high 20’s to low 30’s (mid-80s in Fahrenheit) and the sunshine is endless. Whether you choose to kayak around the island, head out on a sunset cruise or swim with sharks, spring is the best time to go to Belize.


Image source:Contiki

Summer in Belize

June to August is the peak of the hurricane season and there can be quite a lot of rain. However, there are still plenty of reasons you might want to travel to Belize during this time. One: there are fewer tourists and you’ll get a fantastic bargain. Two: the Lobster festival is on in mid-June, which is a huge festival that opens the lobster season, one of the things Belize is best known for. The best places to head if you want to join in the lobster fun are Caye Caulker, Placencia or San Pedro. Mango Fest also takes place in June which is exactly what you’re picturing, and Pibil Fest in July which honours the Maya tradition of cooking pork in a fire pit. You’ll quickly realise that Belizeans love a festival, and that’s one thing we’re definitely on board with.

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