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Our Guide To Eating Cheap In The World’s Most Expensive City, Singapore

Cheap Asian food in Singapore.

Singapore is a vibrant, exciting and super expensive city. Some even say it’s the most expensive in the world! The Asian country also has a world-class and innovative foodie scene that’s won it the 8th highest place for Michelin stars in the world. So guess what? Eating out can be exorbitant. When you’re a traveller that can be hard, so here’s our guide to cheap eats in Singapore.

Hawker Stalls

The hole in the wall food stands at markets and food courts may look like simple fare, but the Hawker stalls have some of the best traditional food in Singapore. Not only are they more affordable than a restaurant meal, they’re also great quality. Many of the stalls only cook one thing and have been cooking that one thing for generations so they do it very, very well. Some Hawkers have even been bestowed Michelin stars, which make them the most affordable place to try meals with the coveted award. Prices of dishes vary but you can get a whole plate of food from $2-$5. A true bargain!

A woman enjoying cheap noodles in Singapore with chopsticks.

Dine In Neighbourhoods

If you’re stinging for a restaurant meal that won’t break the bank, head to a niche neighbourhood. The multicultural society that is Singapore means there are pockets of other cultures in the bustling city. Little India for example is an Indian neighbourhood that has some amazing restaurants serving Indian and Nepalese feasts for around $20. The Arab Quarter is another great neighbourhood to try out, where for $30 you can eat Turkish, Lebanese and Syrian food until your stomach hurts.

A cheap and colorful building with windows and shutters showcasing Singapore's food scene.

Happy Hour

Singapore is notoriously expensive to drink in and while we 100% suggest everyone head up to Raffles Hotels Long Bar to try the famous Singapore Sling cocktail, a night out can hurt the wallet. Hawker stalls have cheap beers, but a lot of bars also have happy hour discounts so look for these to save a buck.

Cheap drink in Singapore with a pineapple garnish.


The other piece of good news about Singapore is that you don’t have to spend a cent on water! The tap water there is completely safe and FREE. Just keep your reusable bottle on you and save some cash (and the planet) by filling up instead of buying.

Four different types of water bottles lined up on a table.

Ask the Locals

Worse comes to worse, chat to the locals about where is good and cheap to eat. Food is almost an Olympic sport in Singapore and every local will have a favourite spot or a must-try, they’ll only be too happy to share some recommendations.

A mural depicting cheap food in Singapore on the side of a building.

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