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Creative ways to make & save money when you’re on the road

A woman is holding a piece of money while traveling.

We get it — the whole quit your job to travel the world thing is as appealing to think about as it is scary. If you’re really curious about it, why not bite the bullet and do it?

Ugh, but what about the whole money thing? Can’t travel without that!

We know you’ve probably searched the Internet far and wide to figure out how to make money while travelling, so here’s a guide that includes creative ways to make or save money on the road. Tap into your talents and get travelling..

Play music in hostels

Are you the type of person who hogs the AUX cord in the car because you know your music is the best? Or maybe you like to make music as a hobby but never pursued it? Put your music skills to the test and ask a hostel if you can DJ or play live music for them in exchange for free accommodation. It’s a great way to show the world your music skills, and if you’re really good, maybe you’ll get asked to play more gigs! Win, win!


Teach yoga in hostels

Are you a certified yogi? Ask the hostel if you can teach a yoga class for a week in exchange for free accommodation, or give them a reasonable rate! People are always looking for ways to get a little exercise in while travelling! It gives you a chance to work your magic, meet people and continue spreading good vibes from place to place.

Two adventurous individuals embark on a thrilling journey, leaping into the refreshing waters near a majestic waterfall.

Freelance tattoo artist

Believe it or not, some people actually bring their tattooing gear on the road and do freelance work for tattoo parlours, or even in the hostels! We know it might sound sketchy, but it’s a great way to show others your art and build your brand. If you snag a client, you can set the price and it might make you enough to keep going for some time. We told you we’re getting creative with this list!

Contiki tattoos

Sell your art

Head to a local market and set up shop next to the other vendors. It’s doesn’t have to be anything fancy, but lay out a few of your arts and crafts and it might gain the attention of a few passerbys. This won’t make you a ton of money, but at least someone in the world will have a piece of your unique work with them. And that’s a pretty cool feeling.

Be a hostel chef

Cooking breakfast in hostels is a great way to snag free accommodation! Hostels usually offer breakfast included and, to be honest, it’s nothing more than burnt toast or dry cereal (which could be holding the hostel back in terms of good reviews). Tell them you know how to make a mean omelet or scrambled eggs! It’s a treat for the guests, the hostel and yourself.

cooking in new orleans

Teach surfing

Seek out a cool surf hostel and ask if you can join their staff to give daily surf lessons. Chances are, they’ll need a hand! The best part? With this skill, you’ll get to travel around some of the best beaches in the world!

Give hostel haircuts

Ask a few hostels in the area you’re visiting if you can put up signs advertising haircuts for travellers. Once you get a client, charge what you think is reasonable and off you go! It’s a quick and easy way to make and save a good amount of money (you can do the same for pedicures, manicures and massages).  


Working holiday visa

If you’re struggling to tap into your creativity, head to Australia or New Zealand on a work holiday visa. You’ll pick up work quickly doing something as easy or as convenient as you want (farm work, bartender, server, construction worker, cleaner). That way you’ll be able to make extra cash and explore a new area!