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Christmas – family time, or adventure time?

Girls at German christmas market

Christmas is widely considered a time to spend at home, surrounded by creature comforts and family. But what if instead of nights vegging out in front of Elf, you swapped Grandma time for adventure time? After all, you’ve got a lifetime of Christmasses ahead of you, but you’re only footless and commitment free for a short life spell…

You’ll make unforgettable memories

The memories you make while travelling are the most special you can ever make. Combine the excitement of travel with the magic of the most special time of year, and you’re in for a pretty unforgettable time. Travelling with your friends over Christmas will mean you get to spend quality time with them, and your makeshift, hybrid Christmas will surely be one for the ages.

It’s the perfect time for self reflection

Let’s face it, with all the hubbub of family members and organising the food, Christmas isn’t always the most relaxing time of year. Often we’ll find ourselves exhausted by the chaos of the season, still in need of an actual break come January. Getting away for a solo winter trip could be the answer; you can still enjoy all the joys of Christmas, but actually take the time to unwind and recharge, sans hassle – or family arguments.



You’ll experience new traditions

Everyone does Christmas differently depending on the family, but Christmas also differs drastically from country to country. You’ll be exposed to a whole new way of doing things, especially if you venture to a different climate and discover that having Christmas dinner on the beach is a thing. Who knows, you might just discover a local festive tradition that will stick with you for life…

You can have christmas on your own terms

No more awkwardly telling your aunt that she’s not doing the potatoes that way you like them, or waking to the sound of your siblings running havoc at 6am and ruining your christmas lie-in; this is christmas done your way. Whether you’re travelling solo, or you’re with friends, you can create your own new christmas traditions and finally have the KFC and Netflix Christmas you’ve always wanted…


You’ll enter the new year with a sense of achievement

Being away from home at all during the most homely time of year isn’t easy, much less travelling – but it’s the perfect way to round off your year. Having stepped out of your comfort zone during the time of year where comfort is key, you’ll enter the next year feeling powerful and unstoppable – especially if you travelled solo.