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10 items you need to include on your Europe Contiki packing list

Girl walking down street with suitcase

Let’s be real, packing for a trip can be one of the most stressful exercises known to man. Your brain is already like, “YAAASSS gonna get a selfie with the Colosseum”, but your suitcase is like, “New phone who dis?” So we’ve made it easy for you with this handy Contiki packing list to ensure you don’t forget the items that will make your travels abroad smoother than nutella on toast…

Power Board

Not all sleeping quarters were created equal, and some may only have one or two power points to share. Throw in a power board and you can charge your phone, camera, e-reader, iPad and nose hair trimmer in one go! BYO adapter.

A power strip with three plugs.

Extra Socks and Undies

Think you’ve got enough? Think again! Throw in a couple more pairs so you’re NEVER caught short.

Pair of socks on floor

First Aid Kit

It doesn’t have to be anything crazy fancy with a defibrillator or scalpel (do NOT recommend that one, seriously), but a simple set with a couple bandages, gloves and steri-strips will see you, or someone on your trip, through in a pinch should an accident happen or ya know, you get a blister.

First Aid Kit

Thongs AKA Flip-Flops

There is literally no handier shoe for a coach day or when you’re heading to the communal showers. They’re comfy, don’t take up much space in a suitcase and are especially good on the beach. If you wish to bring the ~other~ type of thongs that’s your call…

Thongs in sand

Travel Pillow

This is usually the first item to be ditched because they can be kind of bulky, but you’ll be giving everyone the stink eye when they’re dozing peacefully and your head is bouncing off the window. Pro tip: buy an inflatable one to save on space.

Kathmandu Travel Pillow

Wet Wipes

Skip the bulk pack for new parents and buy a purse size pack instead. They’ll come in handy for sticky hands, dirty feet and freshening up under your arms (or wherever). A word of caution though, like chewing gum, when you pull out the pack EVERYONE will want one!

Wet wipes

A Re-Usable Bag

The humble plastic bag, or fancier eco-bag, should be a staple in your suitcase. Avoid contributing to global waste by taking it with you out shopping, or use it to house your dirty laundry.

A green and yellow jute bag on a white background.


Screaming baby? No problem. Trying to sleep? No dramas here. A good set of headphones will be your best friend while traveling, because let’s face it, sometimes you just want to sit and watch the world go by instead of talking to people.

Headphones flat on table

Something Warm

Even if you’re heading to Greece for a month in the sun, you’re going to run into less than ideal climates. Be prepared for overzealous air conditioning or windy days by packing a large scarf or light jacket.

Pug wrapped in scarf

A Copy of Your Passport

Carrying photocopies of your passport and other trip documents could save you A LOT of trouble if anything goes astray. A few sheets of paper will pack flat and not add much extra weight to your bag, so get scanning!

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Passport on denim jacket with sunglasses