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Contiki’s Guide to Street Foods in Europe

Break out the stretchy pants because we’re going to take you on a whirlwind tour of our favorite Europe street foods that are sure to make you drool. What’s even better? This grab-and-go grub is perfect for getting your eat on without missing a European beat during your travels. There’s a world of foods that we can’t possibly pass up, delicacies that you won’t find sitting in a fancy 5-star restaurant. So forget hot dog carts and get ready to salivate. Is it lunchtime yet?

Kurtoskalacs aka “Chimney Cake” (Hungary)

Known as ‘Chimney Cake”, this sweet treat can be found on the streets of Budapest. Dough is wrapped around a wooden bolt and then slowly baked over hot coals. You can add a variety of toppings, such as cinnamon, coconut, or brown sugar. It’s wrapped in a plastic bag because it’s piping hot! Peel away the plastic and unwrap the deliciousness!

Chimney cake Hungary

Gelato (Italy)

Though not technically served on the street, no visit to Italy is complete without devouring some freshly-scooped gelato. So for all you lactose intolerant travelers, take an over-the-counter Lactaid pill cuz this treat is well worth the risk! When in Rome (pun intended!), be sure to visit Quinto Gelateria (near the Pantheon) and ask for the ‘Contiki Special’ – take a look at this thing featuring 5 scoops of gelato –  it will not disappoint!

Crepes (France)

You’ll see them all around the city, likely with jars of dreamy Nutella chocolate spread in the windows. Freshly poured and offering toppings like Nutella, bananas, strawberries, or whipped cream, you definitely don’t have to save these for just dessert!

Chocolate coconut crepe

Bavarian Pretzels (Germany)

It would be an absolute travesty to travel to Bavaria and not try a freshly-made Bavarian pretzel. These aren’t your crispy, throw-them-in-your-mouth variety. Doughy, warm, with a hint of salt that will make you realize why that pint of beer or glass of wine is essential for enjoying this classic street food.

Bavarian Pretzels

Churros with Chocolate (Spain)

These aren’t your standard county fair foot-long churros. These bite-size treats are sugary and cinnamon morsels of heaven. Better yet, you add a bit of chocolate dipping sauce and you’ve got your hands on a truly sweet treat.

Churro and chocolate

Fried Cheese and Jam (Prague)

Do we honestly need to say anything else? It’s FRIED CHEESE with a touch of jam – an ultimate pairing that will have you screaming from the top of your lungs “This fried cheese is my jam!”

Pizza (Rome)

Just like the pizzerias in the US, you can stop into a small pizza shop in Rome and select a slice. There usually aren’t any tables in these shops as they are small and you are meant to stand or take the slice to go, but these thin-crust pizzas are a great option for “street” food – when in Rome, eat like the locals do!