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Want to be part of the ultimate Contiki Quarantunes playlist?

Contiki's Quaratunes playlist

Living through a global pandemic can mean we’re left feeling okay one minute, and majorly overwhelmed the next. Not to mention, time apart from our loved ones and not so uplifting news can make us feel anxious and confused. But, the answer to feeling more positive – even if only for a little while – could be hiding in our headphones… Enter the Contiki Quarantunes playlist!

Contiki Quarantunes

For those of you who have ever experienced a Contiki trip, you’ll know the power of the iconic Contiki day song and how your trip tunes make you feel all the feels. “The Contiki day song is a song that will set the mood for the whole trip. As soon it rings through the speakers in the morning, even if you’re feeling tired (or hungover), its infectious melody will lift your spirits, put you in a cracking mood and most of all claim a special place in your heart,” says Contiki traveller Bronte Barratt, who’s experienced its life-changing power.

So, whether you’re feeling the no-travel blues or the lockdown lows, we want you to join us in creating the ultimate Contiki Quarantunes playlist. We want those bangers that bring you back to your travels. We want that one song you’ve been playing on repeat or makes you think about life on the road. Let’s create the best, most eclectic, spine-tingling collection of tunes on Spotify together. Simply follow the playlist and add your sounds of summer to our mix.

And if you needed any more reason to join our lockdown audio community – new research has found that music really can help us feel happier. According to Harvard Medical School, music can even help us heal – calming anxiety and easing pain.

So, with all this in mind and during these very strange times, there’s no better time to plug in, listen up and add your tunes.

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Never underestimate the importance of the Contiki day song

Never underestimate the importance of the Contiki day song

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